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What’s your favorite Kamikazee song?


Kamikazee | Photo from: @anneapolinar

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Kamikazee, one of the more noted Filipino bands, has captured the hearts of countless fans for several reasons.

Since their debut in 2000, the band has been touring and making waves in and outside the Philippines.

First and foremost, their music is undeniably catchy and relatable. With hits like “Narda,” “Huling Sayaw,” and “Martyr Nyebera,” their songs often strike a chord with listeners, addressing themes of love, heartbreak, and everyday struggles.

The band is composed of Jay Contreras, Jomal Linao, Led Tuyay, Puto Astete, Bords Burdeos, Jian Lubiano, and Mikki Jill.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what are the fave Kamikazee songs of our Siloys.

With their energetic performance on stage and very relatable song, there’s no denying that Kamikazee is one of the most talked about bands of their time.

🎵 Paalam sating huling sayaw may dulo pala ang langit 🎵 #CDNDigitalGe dayon unsa ma’y perming i-jam ninyo nga Kamikazee song? Let us know. 🎸 🎸

Posted by CDN Digital on Monday, October 2, 2023

They connect with their fans on social media and maintain a strong presence in the local music scene, ensuring that their supporters feel valued and heard.

Ikaw, Siloy, unsa’y favorite Kamikazee song nimo? Or favorite memory sa Kamikazee?



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