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FACES OF CEBU: Wanita, Cebuano band 


Members of Wanita. | contributed

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES—WANITA is a band made up of Cebuano musicians: Jan Arias, Renjee Salusod, Arth Oledan, and Krivin Viagedor.

The four met in their school’s “Battle of the Bands” competition in 2022

WANITA not only plays good music but also uses it to encourage others. 

The band used to fund their own gigs, using their allowances. Now that they don’t have to worry about gig expenses, the group is able to focus on making music.

The band is currently concentrating on its song, “Would You.”

So how did the band start?

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From being highschool friends, Krivin and Renjee were already full of dreams.

Being naturally talented, the two joined jamming sessions together and eventually got into college, where they also joined “Battle of the bands.”There, they met Jan and Arth. This is where the band came together in 2022. 

Krivin was eventually assigned to be the band’s vocalist. Jan played the drums, Arth the guitar, and Renjee the bass. 

Being an independent band, they tried all kinds of genres to cater the taste of their audience. From Tagalog, English, and now Bisaya songs, WANITA played them all. 

Wanita gigs

Their first gig was in their school, like where most bands start. With their schoolmates as their audience, the band felt comfortable playing their music in school.

But the band’s second gig didn’t get that much spectators. This is where they felt, for the first time, the struggles of an artist. They knew then that life in the music industry will not be easy. 

Another challenge was that the band had to spend on its own in its fifrst few gigs just so they’d get the needed exposure.

“Most of our gigs are all made [possible] because of our savings and allowances,” Krivin said, adding that they were very hands-on in their first few gigs.

Despite the challenges, each member of the band believed that determination will eventually pay off. They stayed focused on the goal to inspire artists as much as they can.

This is what they have to say about aspiring musicians.

“It may sound cliché, but [young, aspiring artists] should continue what [they’re] doing,” Renjee said 

As of this posting, the band continues to make its own music and looks forward to releasing them in November.

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