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On Forgive an Ex Day: Reflect, focus on healing, move forward

On Forgive an Ex Day: Reflect, focus on healing, move forwardCEBU, Philippines – “Some things break your heart but fix your vision.”

This saying aptly describes how one should act after a breakup, especially if the relationship is really doomed for failure.

Let’s admit it, we all have experienced being in relationships, especially when we were younger, that we swore to ourselves that this would last forever. 

But alas, the fates have played their silly little strings again and decided to cut those loose.

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Ah, young love was indeed such a thrilling ride! Back in the day, we were fearless dreamers, embarking on the exciting journey of romance, believing our love would last forever. 

We’d write love notes in our notebooks, pledging eternal love under the mango tree at our school’s backyard. Now, former lovers hardly face each other’s faces, not even had the initiative to like each other posts’ on social media.

This year, Cebuanos find themselves taking a journey down memory lane as they recollect the decisions they made when ending their recent relationships with their former “significant others” on ‘Forgive An Ex Day,’ almost as if they’ve been pulled into a rabbit hole of self-reflection and hidden “core memories.”

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Some ka-Siloys have used this day to exert their stance on the choices they made with their exes. Albeit not a thing to actually reminisce daily, ka- Siloys have put in some funny twist for other ka- Siloys to relate to.

But other ka- Siloys may have inserted a little bit of “truth” towards their comment to CDN Digital’s post for this day.

While some comments may seem trivial, we shouldn’t fault individuals for using this occasion to remind their past partners of the obligations they still need to uphold. Even if the memories have faded, the responsibilities must be carried out.

One ka-Siloy, has indeed, put this out into the open.

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In summary, Cebuanos, as they observe ‘Forgive Your Ex Day,’ have genuinely prompted themselves to ponder over the decisions they’ve taken, the heartaches they’ve endured, and the personal development that has arisen from the aftermath of those extinguished relationships. This day serves as a moment to reassess and seek reconciliation, not necessarily with former partners, but with one’s own self.

So, dear fellow Cebuanos, while we respect the spaces that have been created due to the severance of ties, we must continue to fulfill our responsibilities, not only to the children and loved ones entrusted to our care but also to the obligation of self-care.

Therefore, let us stand tall, embracing the life we are meant to live, and refrain from dwelling on the negatives of the past. Remember, you are so much more than the choices made in days gone by. So, make your “single life” meaningful and fulfilling, dear Ka-Siloy! Especially now that your vision is fixed.

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