Some painful reasons behind a messy breakup


CEBU CITY, Philippines—Breakups are messy.

But they get messier when with the underlying reasons behind every breakup that leads to buckets of tears or buckets of beers— you choose.

There are a gazillion reasons behind a breakup.

But let’s stick to those most common but hurtful breakups recorded in human history (a little exaggeration for drama.)

You ready? Grab that tissue roll because these reasons may be familiar to you.

Long-distance love affair— movies make it easy to look at. But being in a long-distance relationship is not a joke and takes a lot of effort. Distance then becomes a reason for the breakup because it would just be too much to handle. This kind of breakup usually gets more emotional, given that you’d have to break each other’s hearts online or through the phone. Ouch.

Cheating— the most common reason for breakups. Cheating will never be okay. Because someone chooses to cheat, cheating does not happen unknowingly. Once you caught your partner cheating, LEAVE. There’s nothing left but broken promises and broken trust.

No reason was given— to be left blindsided after a breakup is worse than knowing what’s wrong. You’ll find yourself sitting at home or looking at the mirror asking yourself, what happened. There you are clueless and heartbroken.

It got physical— once your partner starts laying his hands on you, leave. This breakup might be painful but it will save you from the harm of being someone’s personal punching bag.

Done deal through text— this is very common with those puppy love kind of relationship and it is kind of acceptable since their relationship revolved around texting and calling. But this is kind of immature and stupid if you are in a full-grown relationship with your partner for years.

You, what’s the reason behind your breakup? /dbs

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