6 Halloween costume ideas you might want to consider

CEBU CITY, Philippines— The spooky season is just around the corner and we bet everyone is getting giddy about what to wear for the Halloween parties in the city.

Lucky for those who already have their costumes ready, but a bit thrilling for those who have not yet thought of what to wear for a spooky night in town.

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Let CDN Digital help you get your costumes fixed before the Halloween weekend with some costume theme ideas.


Dia de los Muertos

Are you ready for some face painting fiesta? This Day of the Dead theme is perfect for unleashing your inner artist. Your creativity will shine as you paint your faces and don those stunning headpieces.

Halloween costume

Angels and Demons:

What’s a Halloween bash without the classic showdown? If you’re hitting the town with your bestie or sibling, this iconic theme is a win-win costume choice.

Halloween costume

Movie or Series:

Calling all movie buffs and series addicts! This is your golden ticket to transform into your favorite animated characters. Halloween is the ideal time to let your inner hero or villain shine.

Halloween costume

Simple Outfits:

Be unapologetically you! If you just want to show your authentic self to the world, surprise everyone with your most comfy and stylish attire. You can even get creative with your existing wardrobe and rock it like a superstar.

Makeshift Outfits:

Crafty souls, this one’s for you! Get those creative juices flowing and whip up some DIY costumes for a night of sheer fun. Let your imagination run wild!

Seasonal Outfits:

Are you feeling the Christmas vibes? Embrace the season with costumes inspired by the beautiful colors and themes of the Christmas, and summer season, for some winter outfits that you can pull off this Halloween.

So whether you’re planning to be a sugar-skulled sensation, an angelic figure, or just your fabulous self, let’s make this Halloween unforgettable!

Show us what costume you’re wearing this Halloween!


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