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The Land Asia Legacy Continues

Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation (LARDC) celebrates 31 years of passion, resilience, and innovation

By: - October 28, 2023

“Real estate is all about knowledge, skills and passion,” said Chairman and Founder Dr. Ricardo “Ric” Inting during a celebratory interview with CDN Digital for the 31st anniversary of Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation (LARDC).

Together with President and CEO Marissa Inting, Inting started Land Asia in 1992 with the goal of setting the standard when it comes to real estate service in the Philippines. After 31 years in the business, they are a testament that the hard work that drives the passion to learn and innovate goes a long way.

If you handle challenges correctly, and you treat it as an opportunity, you will survive. From the US crisis in 2008 to crises here, Land Asia survived



Chairman and Founder

Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation (LARDC)

When asked what his achievements were since their 30th anniversary in 2022, he enumerated three things – celebrated their 31st anniversary, survived COVID, and lastly, they are able to manage and expand their network and sales. With their current office count of 20 in the Visayas and Mindanao region, their goal of creating physical offices in Luzon – 5 in the South and 5 in the North – will soon be realized as they already have over 2,000 brokers and agents all over the Philippines.

Experience-backed Leadership in Land Asia

land asia

Consultant Dr. Ricardo “Ric” N. Inting Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation (LARDC) Chairman & Founder and realtor Marissa Inting CEO & President.

“If you handle challenges correctly, and you treat it as an opportunity, you will survive. From the US crisis in 2008 to crises here, Land Asia survived,” said Inting during his interview with CDN Digital. He even shared anecdotes of his ups and downs as an entrepreneur. Whether it be the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, 9/11, or even the time he left the Philippines for Australia and USA to learn and gain a global perspective, it was clear that with every adversity Land Asia faced, Inting’s business strategy was to find an opportunity in a crisis. 

Back when Inting first started Land Asia, land brokerage was a foreign concept so instead of selling, he started to educate people by conducting seminars and orientations about different projects and developments in the first 3 months since he started his business. In 2020, the world was halted to a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic but Land Asia was already doing webinars, educating people all over the Philippines about the role of real estate in providing homes during an uncertain time when we were stuck at home. 

Land Asia – Home of Real Estate Role Models

land asia

Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation (LARDC) management committee

Inting’s personal vision is to create a thousand new millionaires in his company. In real estate, 1 million is quite attainable since they are commission based. However it does it take more than just money to keep employees happy.

According to Inting, the biggest challenge in his company is pirating and competition. He calls real estate a “people-oriented” industry. The craft of real estate marketing lies on its people so Land Asia takes care of their people by giving their brokers and agents perks to not only stay in the company but support them to be the very best real estate practitioner they can be. Land Asia offers event management support, transportation, back-end office admin, awarding ceremonies recognizing the top sellers of the quarter, and travel incentives. 

Realty leaders.

According to Inting, there are an estimated 34,000 licensed brokers in the Philippines but less than 10,000 are practicing. The Philippines has quite a number of colorum brokers who are unlicensed to sell properties. Land Asia prides itself as a role model in the industry because of their compliance. In addition to their long list of employee incentives, Land Asia makes a point to educate and ensure that their agents know and understand the legal process of buying and selling land in the Philippines. 

There is no doubt as to why Land Asia is able to celebrate another milestone. They do more than just deliver quality service but they put in the hard work to remain credible by keeping up with the ever-evolving industry of real estate. After 31 years, the Land Asia legacy continues.

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