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Arthaland’s Green Gift to DVRMES: A New Dawn in Education

By: - November 10, 2023

On October 26, 2023, Cebu City’s Don Vicente Rama Memorial Elementary School (DVRMES) unveiled a beacon of hope, not just for its students but for the entire community. Arthaland, in partnership with DVRMES, has championed a project not just of renovation but of re-imagination. This initiative, a culmination of passion, dedication, and foresight, is a testament to the powerful teamwork between education and sustainability.

Arthaland’s initiative to rehabilitate a building in the Don Vicente Rama Memorial Elementary School stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship that goes beyond our own developments.



Vice Chairman and President


The turnover ceremony was spearheaded by Arthaland’s Vice Chairman and President Jaime C. González, Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, Arthaland’s Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Oliver L. Chan, DepEd Region 7 Cebu City Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Nimfa D. Bongo, and DVRMES.

Setting The Stage for a Greener Tomorrow



Post the devastation of Typhoon Odette in 2021, DVRMES stood in dire need of more than just physical repairs. It yearned for a vision, a brighter future. Arthaland, along with various benevolent donors, responded to this call. Their collective effort transpired into not just a refurbished school but an institution that champions sustainability at its core.

Arthaland’s Vice Chairman and President, Jaime C. González, captured the essence of this endeavor, stating, “Arthaland’s initiative to rehabilitate a building in the Don Vicente Rama Memorial Elementary School stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship that goes beyond our own developments.”

Among the school’s green upgrades are ceiling fans from Datem Inc., energy-efficient lights courtesy of Econlite Philippines, and water-efficient fixtures by Lixil Philippines. Weltanchaung Corp paint donation has lent the school a fresher, rejuvenated look.

The Mark of Sustainability

This green revolution at DVRMES wasn’t just a claim. It came with the coveted EDGE green building certification, orchestrated under the expertise of Arthaland Prestige Property Solutions. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI) have extended their robust support for this initiative.

Oliver L. Chan, Arthaland’s Senior VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, shared, “The EDGE Advanced certification is tangible proof of our resolute commitment to reducing energy consumption, conserving water, and minimizing embodied energy in materials. Nevertheless, our primary emphasis lies in the intangible advantages the project bestows upon students. This includes creating an enriched learning environment with improved lighting, well-ventilated spaces for enhanced comfort, and an overall healthier atmosphere conducive to learning.”

The Heart of the Projectarthaland

DVRMES’s makeover was spurred by Arthaland’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and a brighter future. The aftermath of Typhoon Odette in 2021 magnified the school’s infrastructural needs. But the real catalyst? The students. Arthaland envisioned these young minds as the future stewards of our environment, emphasizing the importance of embedding sustainability values early on.

The choice of DVRMES was deliberate. Apart from addressing its pressing needs, there was the legacy of Don Vicente Rama to honor. The transformation serves as a beacon, inspiring sustainable practices throughout Cebu City.

A Ripple Effect

This venture has implications beyond DVRMES. By showcasing the tangible benefits of sustainability, the hope is to influence neighboring schools to tread a similar path. Arthaland, with its legacy of sustainable projects, envisages more such collaborations, ensuring a ripple effect that can shape a sustainable future for Cebu City and beyond.

To those seeking to join this movement, Arthaland’s doors are always open. As they rightly believe, crafting a sustainable future is not a solitary journey. It’s a collective effort, a symphony of like-minded souls.

In the heart of Cebu City, a school stands renewed not just in infrastructure but in ethos. DVRMES, under the aegis of Arthaland, symbolizes the potential of community-driven sustainability. The message is clear—education and sustainability, when interwoven, can craft a narrative of hope, progress, and an enduring legacy.


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