TikTok video on translating Cebuano term to English goes viral

CEBU CITY, Philippines– TikTok sensation Ms. Steffy posted a video that put netizens in a dilemma, questioning themselves, “So, unsaon man jud ni pag-ingon?”

This simple jeepney scenario could be relatable to some and has gotten everyone thinking of how they can say the Cebuano phrase, “Plete, palihug.”

Steffy Medoza from Consolacion, Cebu posted a TikTok video on February 12, as she was trying to pass the fare to a fellow jeepney passenger who happens to be a foreigner.

The video has garnered 2.2 million views, 143.2K likes, and almost 7.9K comments.

It received funny reactions and ‘recommended’ answers from the netizens as they find it amusing and fitting to ‘Filipino humor’, as they say.

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Netizens quickly got into the comments section and sent in their English translation of the Cebuano phrase.

But this particular comment by the user Arra on the TikTok video was the acclaimed winner,  “mag counter-clockwise kayo para di mapunta sa kanya.”

Steffy shared with CDN Digital that she was amazed at the Pinoy humor and did not expect the video to go viral.

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“Grabe kaayu og humor ang mga pinoy even mga foreign people kay nisabay sad and I feel na bisag usa wala gyuy bashers,” she said.

The jest of the TikTok post has spread good vibes online and has even started a discussion online. But just a reminder, some Cebuano phrases and words have no exact translation in English.

Just remember to pay for every jeepney ride and if it happens to be something similar to this situation, read the comment section of this post to be guided and to let a little laugh out.

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