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5 Must-try Treats at Pusô Bistro and Bar’s Merienda Buffet

By: - February 26, 2024

Kicking off last February 22nd, Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu’s Pusô Bistro & Bar introduces a mouthwatering array of Filipino delicacies and pastries through its newest ‘Painitan sa Puso’ Merienda Buffet at only Php 499 per person. Served every Friday to Saturday, the gastronomic addition to their menu offers top Pinoy favorites, including local delights.

Check out these five delectable picks that stand out in their flavorful buffet.

Tableya Cake

Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu's Tableya Cake

Tableya Cake

With the right blend of bittersweet and the perfect texture of mild crisp from the crushed peanuts that come with it, the tableya cake is definitely worth a try. Best paired with any of Guilang’s assorted chocolates, this mini cake is like a local version of a chocolate brownie with the unique taste of classic tableya but better.


Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu's Sikwati


Guilang Tableya of Argao, the primary chocolate provider of Pusô Bistro and Bar takes pride in its native chocolate that offers a richer taste than the usual local tableya. Its sikwati surely melts in the mouth with its distinct consistency out of its traditional way of roasting cacao. Indulge in this special sikwati as well as its other selections, white and dark chocolates. Pair it with any tasty kakanins in Pusô’s merienda buffet for a completely palatable experience.


Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu's Biko


As the season of Lent continues, Biko is the way to go. Served in bite-sized portions, this caramelized treat is the perfect dessert, especially for someone with a sweet tooth. Pusô surely knows how to take their visitors on a nostalgic trip that feels like home with the creamy and perfectly chewy texture of its Biko.


Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu's Pancit


Right across the wide selection of kakanins is a pansit section where guests can choose their own ingredients and have them cooked right in front of them. Diners can freely add fresh strips of vegetables, meat, and various spices as much as they want to level up their own flavorful pansit. It’s also a good choice for an umami meal to match with the sweet kakanins.

Tuna sandwich

Tuna Sandwich

Tuna Sandwich

The rich and savory tuna sandwich at Pusô is almost on every plate of all guests. Its croissant has a light flaky texture on the outside and a soft layer when chewed. Unlike the typical sandwich, this sought-after snack coats your taste buds with the right fusion of cream, tuna, and diced greens. It was among the first set of food that ran out in minutes before being served for another round. So make sure to grab yours when you’re there.

Apart from the Merienda Buffet, a Merienda Set Menu is also served from Sundays to Thursdays from 3 to 5 PM at Php 499 for 2 persons. Diners can either pick from any of the following: Global Treats, Pamainit Favorites, and Sariling Atin.

Along with this is a selection of Sikwati that includes hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and juice. Don’t miss out on this latest budget-worth deal when you’re around Cebu City.

For more information, you can reach out to Quest Hotel and Conference Center – Cebu’s official Facebook page



Merienda Buffet and Merienda Set Menu Offered at Quest Hotel’s Puso Bistro & Bar

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