Don Pablo the ‘pinangga’ American Bully of Guadalupe, Cebu City

Don Pablo American Bully

CEBU CITY, Philippines– Tessa Postrero from Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City, grabs the opportunity to document her mother, Estrella, feeding Don Pablo their American Bully dinner with great care.

The video shows an undeniable sense of love and care that quickly gained attention on social media after showcasing the deep connection shared between the family and their adored pet.

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As of this writing, the video garnered 2.1 million views in Postrero’s Tiktok account.

Nanay Estrella’s affection for their furbaby, Don Pablo, shows that they have a good heart and pure intentions for their pets.

“Lambing jud kaayo na siya. American Bully. Pinangga kaayo na ni Mama,” Postrero shared with CDN Digital.

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(Don Pablo is so affectionate American Bully. He is well taken care of by my mother.)

The American bully breed was created for companionship and as a family pet. The American Bullies are known for their strong and muscular appearance.

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“Hadlok tuod ang mga tawo kay tungod sa breed and dako man siya pero super lambing ang buotan,” she explains.

(People may be scared because of his breed and muscular looks but he is affectionate.)

In the video, it revealed moments like these serve as beacons of warmth and love, reminding us of the simple joys found in our humble abode.

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