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Spike: A gentle dog’s journey to a new life

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Alexa Yna, the dedicated founder of Spike and Friends Shelter, first learned about a dog allegedly involved in the tragic death of its owner through a radio report.

With nearly three years of experience running her dog shelter in Carcar City, Yna immediately recognized that her facility could provide a loving home for Spike and four other dogs implicated in the unfortunate incident earlier this year.

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On Spike, no dog will kill his master

“Pagkadungog nako nga niingon kuno nga nakapatay, pag-ingon pa lang nga nakapatay di na gyud ko motuo, kay wala gyuy iro nga mopatay sa amo,” said Yna.

(When I heard that they said the dog killed somebody, when they said that he killed someone, I could not really believe it, because no dog will kill his master.)

With her love and compassion for dogs, she tapped her fellow rescuers to help her contact the pound where Spike and the other dogs were being held.

Though the dogs were initially slated for a 14-day observation period, Yna and her team managed to bring them to the shelter on the 10th day.

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Spike finds a new home

“Gikuha na namo, wa ga’y to na abtan og 14 days ang observation kung naa ba’y rabies. Nahibal-an pa gyud nga dili tinuod nga siya ang nagpatay, sa akoa gyud sa akoang kasing-kasing gyud, di gyud ko motuo nga mopatay gyud si Spike,” said Yna.

(We already got him, it did not reach 14 days, the length of days for observation if a dog has rabies. We also knew that it was not true that the dog killed his master, so it was really from my heart, I did not believe Spike will kill someone.

Spike is a three-year-old mixed-breed dog. Despite looking big and strong, he’s friendly and takes on a leadership role among other dogs.

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Friendly and a leader

“Pag-abot man diri ni amo man dayon siya nako, so nakaingon gyud ko nga dili gyud siya aggressive. Unya isa pa, ang tagapound nga nagdakop niya niingon man sad sila nga wala man kuno nisukol nila or nagpakita sa ilahang ngipon pagdakop,” she said.

(When we arrived here he was already calm and tame to me, so I told myself that he is not an aggressive dog at all. And another thing, the person at the pound that caught him told me that the dog never became aggressive or bared his teeth to them.)

Yna also addressed the scratches found on the previous owner, clarifying, that they claimed it was an attack, but it was actually due to hunger.



Spike has a habit of scratching when hungry or demanding for your attention and they hadn’t fed him for three days. That’s why the scratches occurred.

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Grateful for supporters

This Christmas season, Yna extends her gratitude to those who have supported her and the dogs at Spike and Friends Shelter.

She encourages everyone to keep them in mind and consider visiting them.

“Ayaw mi kalimti padayon lang sa pagpangga niya,” said Yna.

(Don’t forget us. Just continue to care for him.)

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