Single ladies and their silent battles

silent battles of single ladies

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Have you heard Whitney Houston’s hit “I’m Every Woman?”

If not, here’s a line that will surely make you feel empowered.

“I’m every woman

It’s all in me

Anything you want done baby

I do it naturally,”

Right? Women naturally make do with all the things around them and make them work even if it feels impossible.

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But above all the greatness we see from these women, silent battles are being fought too, especially for the single women out there.

To be single is fun. To be free and be able to do whatever your heart desires is something most would enjoy.

In this read, let’s take a quick dive into some of the “silent battles” of these single ladies.

  • Societal Pressure: Feeling the pressure to fit into traditional gender roles like Cinderella’s shoe, but sometimes those glass slippers pinch! Sometimes rubber shoes feel more comfortable.
  • Stigma on Independence: Being seen as too strong and independent can feel like having a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your heart’s door.
  • Love vs. Settling: It’s like shopping for the perfect avocado—waiting for the right one can be tough when there are so many bruised ones around.
  • Financial Stability: Juggling finances solo feels like playing Monopoly without a team— feeling like you need to save but also need to explore and have fun before settling down. So confusing, right?!
  • Fertility Timeline:  Balancing ticking biological clocks with life goals is like trying to choose between missing out on your prime years or securing the future not just for you but for your future kids.

These are just some of the silent battles single ladies face, but Joan of Arc vibes and courage run down our veins, with casual breakdowns and meltdowns, nothing a simple breathing and coffee can’t fix, right, ladies?

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