Solo and proud: What are the benefits of staying single?

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CEBU CITY, Philippines — There is a notion that life is made complete when you have somebody to share it with.

But when you only have yourself, does it mean that there are lesser things for you to enjoy?

The answer is no.

The truth is some people are single by choice. Some individuals actually find staying solo much more desirable than entering a romantic relationship.

To celebrate Singles’ Day this November 11, CDN Digital asked some individuals on what they think are the perks that come with being single.

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Living life on your own terms

Rachel, a 21-year-old student, stated that she enjoys the single life because she can live life on her own terms which allows her to “create a safe environment tailored to her preferences.”

Being single allows you to be independent and slowly learn how you can thrive on your own in the world.

Whether it be for work or your social life, you are in charge of whatever it is you want to do or wherever you want to go. 

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No emotional commitment that can take up your time

Having an emotional discord with someone can cause overwhelming stress for some people. More often than not, some people spend more time worrying about what their partner is doing or who they are with.

But if you’re solo, there’s no need to consider someone else’s emotions over your own.

It’s easier to breathe, think, and grow with a clearer headspace and lighter heart.

“There’s no compromise, no shattered nights; no permission required. Thus, my soul takes flight towards whatever I wish to be. I am more free, and yet, I still find happiness of being alone,” shared Anne Iglesia, 20. 

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Less responsibility

Entering into a relationship with someone means you are taking on the responsibility of being that person’s partner in almost everything.

There’s nothing particularly wrong about that but being single means that you are free from that extra responsibility.

Instead, you can focus on your other duties as a student or employee or as a family member.

“With fewer responsibilities, you can focus on family and studies. This allows for more quality time spent with family and friends, fostering stronger connections and relationships,” said Nicho Duane, 22.

Safe from possible hurt and pain

If you haven’t given your heart to someone, then no hearts will be broken.

According to Rachel, being single equals “less drama and stress.”

Staying single also allows you to protect yourself from the possible hurt you will experience from failed love stories.

It is true that life is a risk and pain is part of it. But sometimes, it’s much better to prevent the pain from ever happening.

“Aside from there is peace in solitude, you’re free from manipulation in the midst of messy people, bitter-sweet modern world,” said Barry, 19.

And for Dannahli, 21, it just “allows her to avoid the woes of relationship concerns all together.”

Time to focus on becoming a better version of yourself

Being in love and loving a person back is not all that it takes to be in a thriving relationship.

To be able to love someone else, it is essential that you need to love yourself first.

And in order to learn how to do this, you must set time to develop a healthy relationship with yourself.

“By embracing singlehood, I am able to cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness and personal growth. Being single buys me time to be my own person first and be an ‘individual’; to know and to experience myself better,” stated Anito.

Anito also said that as a single woman, she can dedicate her time to “self-discovery without the pressure of conforming to someone else’s expectations.”

More time to do the things you love

Another advantage of being single is having the time to do more of your interests and hobbies.

According to Rachel, it gives her the freedom to explore her interests and passion, basically more room for personal development.

For Anito, her period of singleness grants her the freedom to invest in activities such as pursuing her passion for music and playing with her dog.

Learning to be financially  independent

People in relationships usually share the responsibilities and financial burdens. However, being on your own actually pushes you to be more resourceful and wise about your money.

Being single teaches you to be financially independent. And that money goes to the things you love to do and your ambitions.

Duane said that “the most significant advantage is having more savings; funds can be allocated for educational purposes rather than spending on dates or other expenses.”

Freedom to meet others and explore

It may be not the best perk for everyone but being single also enables you to explore socially and expand the people you know.

But for someone like 20-year-old Vinch, this advantage is something to be enjoyed.

“You can flirt with anyone with no fear…because you have no commitments,” he stated.

The freedom to flirt and date whoever you want is actually a standout feature for some people who prefer the single life.

Chance to learn about what you want

“I have been single for almost 19 years and I have seen how important it is to love the idea of being one,” shared Mona Crissa Tumulak.

Because self care is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle, being single is an advantage because you are able to prioritize it.

Flying solo allows you to focus on learning about who you are, what you want in life, and even the type of romantic connection you would want to have in the future.

“It allows me to focus on nurturing relationships with my close friends and family, as well as developing a deeper understanding of myself,” said Anito.

Once you fully understand yourself, you come out stronger and more prepared to take on whatever life throws at you.

Angela Cordova, 20, said that “you’ll be stronger man gud and dili ka basta basta ma down whenever you meet these things and ara nimo ma realize na okay ra jud diay mahimong single.”

(You’ll be stronger and you cannot just be downed easily whenever you meet these things and that is then that you realize that it is okay to be single.)

A person eating alone in a restaurant doesn’t always mean that he or she is lonely and in need of company.

Maybe that person just enjoys dining alone.

In a similar context, being single doesn’t automatically mean that you are lonely and sad.

In celebration of Singles’ Day, let us take the time to appreciate the benefits that come with being single.

Being solo can be just as fun as being in a relationship. So this is a reminder that it’s okay to be single.

No matter what your relationship status is -single, taken, or it’s complicated, nothing can stop you from being happy and living life to the fullest.

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