Five Cebu vacation sites to consider for the Holy Week break

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Cebu is one of the most visited places in the country during the Holy Week.

People from all over the country and even the world would want to find refuge in the Queen City of the South for some reflection and relaxation.

While others are making their itinerary for some religious sites they would want to visit and pay homage to, some are also making some lists of where they can unwind and enjoy sometime away from work or school during the Holy Week.


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Holy Week 2024: Five religious places you can visit in Cebu

Cebu is blessed to be surrounded by many natural beauties from the beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and other natural resources, Cebu boasts its natural grandeur.

Let us take you on a reading trip to some of the places CDN Digital has visited over the years that might just make it to your itinerary this year.

Malapascua Island

Holy Week Cebu vacation

motor bancas are docked on the shorelines on the northern side of Malapascua Island. | Doris C. Bongcac


Known for its majestic marine biodiversity, this island in Daanbanatayan has been a haven for divers from all around the world.

With the laid-back lifestyle the island offers, no one can take your peace away, especially when you rest along the shore or even go deep in the waters and dive with the famous marine tourist attraction in the area— thresher sharks.

Certainly, Malapascua Island caters to both those seeking relaxation and those in search of thrilling underwater escapades, making it an ideal destination for a diverse range of travelers.

The journey from Cebu City to the port of Maya in Daanbantayan town by road typically spans a minimum of five hours. From there, traveling by pump boat to Malapascua adds 30 minutes to the journey.

Boljoon, Cebu

Holy Week Cebu vacation

Boljoon’s landmark, Eli rock to prevent debris from falling in case of an earthquake.

If you are looking for a place where relaxation and heritage meet, this municipality in the south might be the best place for you.

With just a three to four hours drive from the city, you will reach the town of Boljoon, and one way to know that you’ve reached the place is when you will be greeted by the magical Eli Rock, followed by the breathtaking view of the Nuestra Señora del Patrocinio de Maria Parish Church facing the sea.

Just in the town proper, you can marvel at the rich history the town has to offer, from the Gran El Baluarte to Escuela Catolica, and visit the museum inside the church and have a quick trip back to the past.

Holy Week Cebu vacation

The town of Boljoon| Photo by CDN Digital; Vhenna Marie Mantilla

Aside from the heritage sites, Boljoon is also known for its beaches with pebbles, dive spots, and waterfalls.

Bantayan Island, Cebu

Holy Week Cebu vacation

A glimpse of the white sand shoreline of Santa Fe in Bantayan island northern Cebu. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

If Cebu can boast of one island that is known for its pristine white sand, crystal blue waters and good food, Bantayan Island would be top on the list.

The island has three municipalities. Santa Fe, where the seaport and Bantayan Island Airport are located, is the main tourist hub. The other towns are Bantayan, in the central area, and Madridejos, in the north.

Bantayan Island is not just a place for lounging at the beach, but it also has other activities for tourists to choose from like going on cliff jumping in their famous Virgin Island.

Samboan, Cebu

Holy Week Cebu vacation

Photo: Immae Lachica

This quiet town in the south of Cebu has gained popularity because of the number of waterfalls that are sprawling around the town.

From Dao Falls to Aguinid, to Binalayan, and many more, this municipality is striving its way to the top to be part of Cebu’s best tourism sites.

But aside from the waterfalls, Sambonan’s heritage should also get the spotlight.

If you drop by their town center you can see Samboan’s church, St. Michael de Archangel, the Museo de Samboan, the Escala de Jacob, and their famous Camapanario de Antigua.

St. Michael de Archangel

St. Michael de Archangel church in Samboan. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

Samboan is gradually raising awareness of its rich heritage while continuing to highlight its distinctive feature of breathtaking waterfalls.

Bojo River, Aloguinsan

Contributed Photo: Marian Maramara

If you want to cruise with ease and leisure while soaking in the beauty of nature, the Bojo River cruise in Aloguinsan might be the perfect fit for you.

This 1.4-kilometer river cruise is not known worldwide for nothing.

Visitors will be welcomed by the serene atmosphere of the area, paired with the vibrant blue waters, within just an hour of the tour, you will have time to relax and reconnect with nature in the best way possible.

Whether you would want to just cruise along the river or take a dip in the water, your choice is because the local government secures the safety of all its visitors, especially during the crowded season.

Bojo River, Aloguinsan

Bojo River, Aloguinsan

Bojo River, managed by BAETAS since its launch in June 2009, typically hosts 60-70 visitors daily. However, due to pandemic restrictions in 2020, they limited daily visitors to 30-40 people.

The Holy Week might be the only week we get the most days off from our work and school, so let’s make it count.

Explore Cebu while you can and explore with ease as you read through this article that might give you a great idea of where you want to spend your Holy Week this year.

Just keep in mind to always be safe and follow safety rules in each area you visit.

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