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Best Western Plus The Ivywall Resort answered the call for Mother Earth

By: - March 26, 2024

Best Western Plus The Ivywall Resort – Panglao remained steadfast in its commitment to the planet. The resort showcased its dedication by serving international cuisine primarily sourced from Bohol Island, symbolizing its pledge alongside key figures of the Bohol Loop 2024. Accompanied by the fine tunes of Jam 403, the event left a lasting impression on its guests, marking an hour dedicated to sustainability.

Best Western Plus The Ivywall Resort answered the call for Mother Earth

Jam403 serving tunes to guests

“Earth Hour is more than just a turning off of lights for one hour; it is a commitment to change beyond the hour; it symbolizes our collective pledge to live more sustainably and acknowledge our responsibility to our planet.”

Doer Escoto
BWP General Manager, BAHRR President

Committed to its promise

Best Western Plus The Ivywall Resort has reinforced its dedication to sustainability by actively minimizing ecological footprints, supporting local communities, and preserving Bohol’s natural beauty. This commitment was underscored as General Manager Doer Escoto led the ceremonial lights-off event. Notably, as the official residence of the Bohol Loop 2024, the resort welcomed Philippine Motorcycle Tourism Ambassadress and Moto Vlogger Jet Lee, among other key figures, who also pledged their support to Earth Hour and the planet. This cohesive involvement of stakeholders highlights the resort’s holistic approach to environmental stewardship and community engagement.


The property urged its guests and partners to reflect on the impact on our planet and the steps we can take to make a difference. In his welcome speech, Escoto added, “Let this hour of darkness illuminate the path to a brighter, more sustainable future. Let us carry the spirit of Earth Hour with us every day; in every decision we make, big or small, let us make every hour an Earth hour.”

Leaving a Green Mark

The night was more than just a simple lights-off event; it was a memorable evening for resort guests and walk-in diners as they departed the island. While indulging in the buffet of international cuisine, sourced from the province itself and specially crafted by Chef Archie’s team, guests also enjoyed the flavorful tunes of Jam 403 as they serenaded the Earth Hour. Leaving a lasting impression and urging commitment to greener deeds moving forward.

Best Western Plus The Ivywall Resort answered the call for Mother Earth

walk in diners enjoys tunes from Earth Hour Event

Collaborative Effort in Sustainable Tourism

As part of the greener effort of the Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants (BAHRR), employees of Best Western Plus The Ivywall Resort, along with employees from Bohol Beach Club, gathered outside the new Bohol Panglao International Airport to conduct a clean-up drive a few hours before the Earth Hour event at their respective properties.


Both resorts, as members of the Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants (BAHRR), are steadfast in their commitment to bolstering tourism, upholding international standards, and solidifying Bohol’s status as the premier destination of choice.

Nestled along the pristine shores of Alona Beach in Bohol Province, Best Western Plus The Ivywall Resort-Panglao stands out as the island’s inaugural international chain resort. For reservations, visit or visit their official Facebook Page @bwplusivywallpanglao for more information.


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