April Fools: A list of top Pinoy celebrity pranksters

CEBU CITY, Philippines— It’s the time of the year again when pranks and jokes reign supreme!

Roll those curtains up as April Fools is here!

This is the time of the year when gullible people should be careful around people, especially the pranksters.

April Fools’ Day, or All Fools’ Day, is a fun and playful celebration each year originating in some parts of America and Europe.

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On this day, people often send each other on wild goose chases, play pranks, and try to convince others of silly things.

But these Filipino celebrities, do not need one special day to do pranks or jokes.

These are some Filipino celebrities who are notorious for pulling off pranks on their friends, families, and partners.

Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff

This power couple is not just known for their playful skits, but also for their pranks that would either leave Nico shaking in fear or Solenn laughing on the floor.

No matter what their pranks are, we see the couple as one of the most loved couples in the industry because of how light they are to each other and how they interact with their kids and listen to their fans and followers.

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Jhong Hilario

The Sample King of Its Showtime is not just good on the dance floor but is also very keen on making his colleagues jump, scream, and squeal because of his simple pranking antics.

Jhong’s favorite prank victim? The Dyosa herself, Anne Curtis.



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Ellen Adarna

Ellen hits hard with her pranks on her husband Derek Ramsay. In her videos shared on Instagram she makes sure her pranks are a hit, but hitting Derek where he is most bothered, his fears and his fetishes!

Derek might be a strong-looking guy but is very terrified of cockroaches. This is the usual prank Ellen pulls off against her husband.

From time to time, Derek retaliates by scaring Ellen on her downtime or taking a video of her sleeping.



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Alex Gonzaga

Actress turned vlogger has been on the news for her funny pranks on her friends and family, most especially on her mother, Mommy Pinty.

Although Alex had her fair share of bashing because of some of her pranks, she still had a couple under her belt which got everyone laughing.

In one of her recent vlogs this year, the tables turned when she got pranked by her sister, Toni, and mommy Pinty.



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As we enjoy April Fools’ Day, let’s keep in mind the importance of harmless fun and respect. While pranks can be entertaining, let’s ensure they don’t cause any harm or discomfort to others.

Let’s prank responsibly, prioritizing kindness and empathy. After all, the best jokes are those that leave everyone smiling.

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