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Businesses rally behind victim of viral tattoo prank

CEBU CITY, Philippines— How was your April Fool’s Day?

Did you make the most of the day by pulling off fun and memorable pranks or was it just another normal day?

A Takoyaki store in the Philippines joined the bandwagon in creating pranks online and one netizen took the bait with unfortunate results.

The prank the store was trying to pull off says that whoever gets their logo inked on their forehead gets P100,000 as a reward.

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A netizen complied and commented on the post saying, “ Sir nag pm po ako sa inyo ginagawa na po w8 po ako ng chat ninyo,” together with a photo of the stencil of the tattoo and the actual tattoo session.

Netizens rallied behind the tattoo prank victim saying that not everyone gets the gist of April Fools since it is more of a Western practice.

Others said that this should be a lesson to everyone on social media not to easily believe in everything posted online.

After going viral, some local businesses are throwing their support to the netizen by offering cash rewards and other services.

One service offered is tattoo removal from an aesthetic clinic. Here are some of the businesses that offered some products and rewards to the tattoo prank victim.

tattoo prank tattoo prank tattoo prank

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As of Tuesday, April 2, Taragis, the owner of the Takoyaki store uploaded a video on his Facebook page wherein together with his team, they went to see the netizen who got their logo inked on his forehead.

Taragis asked the victim of the viral tattoo prank why he willingly did the prank which the latter replied that he thought it was a legitimate challenge.

“Ano yun eh, para sa bunso kong anak, ano yun eh, para sa pang tuition ng anak ko.  Service para sa anak kong bunso na may down syndrome,” said the netizen.

He said that it was one of the ways he saw that could help support his family, especially his youngest daughter who was afflicted with Down syndrome who turned 16 last March.

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Taragis handed some cash and offered the netizen his help if he wanted to get the tattoo removed.


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