CEBU CITY, Philippines— What does ‘probability’ mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, it can mean two things:

  • the chance that a given event will occur
  • a logical relation between statements such that evidence confirming one confirms the other to some degree

Just recently, a US divorce lawyer Kate Simonds shared some of her insights about the probability of some professions cheating.

She gave out her top five professions with the highest probability of cheating.

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Police Officers


Military Men

Pilots & Flight Attendants

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These picks are based on the cases she has handled and the anecdotal data from her practice.

CDN Digital wanted to know the pulse of the Siloys and here are some of the comments about the post.

cheating cheating

Some commented on other professions that the lawyer did not mention, like engineers, lawyers, artists, influencers, public officials, and call center agents.

While others were quick to share their thoughts and how they were able to relate to the list, one commenter said that this is just a probability, anyone who is a professional that is not mentioned in the list can still cheat, because cheating as we all know is a conscious effort one makes.


Cheating comes in different forms and ways, it does not just stop if you are sleeping with someone else while being in a relationship. It goes beyond that realm. Just a reminder, cheating is bad and never tolerate cheating or cheaters.

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