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DIP Nikkei Officially Launches – The Peruvian-Japanese Specialty Restaurant of Sheraton Cebu Mactan Resort

- April 12, 2024

Sheraton Cebu Mactan Resort officially launches the first authentic Nikkei specialty restaurant in Cebu, the DIP Nikkei – intricate Peruvian dishes cooked in Japanese lenses.

For inquiries on our DIP Nikkei Restaurant, you may contact +63 917 627 7245 or email sh.cebsi.f&[email protected] or you may also visit this link to reserve a table:

DIP showcases the distinctive flavors of Nikkei cuisine, expertly crafted by Sheraton Cebu Mactan Resort’s in-house Peruvian Chef De Cuisine, Rubén Rodrigo Serrano Cabrera or fondly called in the resort as Chef Rodrigo, who pays homage to his heritage through his meticulously curated signature Nikkei dishes.

DIP Nikkei’s restaurant interior

DIP Nikkei’s restaurant interior

The launch event is a celebration of the vibrant and colorful palette of Nikkei flavors. Guests are treated to a dynamic lineup of entertainment, including live acts, with salsa dancing serving as a spirited tribute to the Hispanic roots of the dishes served.

What is Nikkei Cuisine?

Nikkei refers to people of Japanese ancestry living abroad as citizens of other countries, a term commonly used in Japan. Nikkei cuisine emerged from the fusion of Japanese culinary traditions with the vibrant ingredients and flavors of Peru, brought by Japanese immigrants who settled in the country during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This fusion cuisine harmonizes Japanese techniques like sushi and tempura with Peruvian staples of wide selection of dips, resulting in a palate-pleasing array of innovative dishes.

Enjoy the scrumptious Nikkei dishes at the Balcony area with the view of the ocean

Enjoy the scrumptious Nikkei dishes at the Balcony area with the view of the ocean

Nikkei cuisine is renowned for its bold flavors, creative combinations, and artistic presentation. From delicate sushi rolls to flavorful ceviche dishes, there’s something on the menu to tantalize every palate. Today, Nikkei cuisine enjoys global acclaim for its daring combinations and robust flavors, embodying the rich cultural exchange between Japan and Peru.

The Newest Dining Experience in Cebu

Nestled within the Island of Mactan, away from the bustling streets of the city, and inside one of the most prominent and premium resorts in Cebu, DIP Nikkei is the perfect destination to enjoy fine dining quality of gastronomy without the stiff intimidating ambiance. Combining the finesse of Japanese culinary artistry and zesty of Peruvian flavors, DIP Nikkei promises an unparalleled culinary adventure, certain to carve a lasting memory with its dishes.

A restaurant with a beach view enveloped in an atmosphere of understated elegance, bathed in soft-dramatic lights, DIP Nikkei sets the stage for a cozy and intimate time with a companion or groups. The story behind each dish and the interesting explosion of familiar yet intricate flavors, transforms your meal into a captivating conversation starter. The umami taste of each dish, paired with soft Pisco based cocktails is so unforgettable, you’d yearn for a second time.

The Inspiration Behind DIP Nikkei

The restaurant’s name, DIP Nikkei, draws inspiration from the integral role of sauces and dips in Peruvian cuisine. Infused with Japanese culinary techniques, the signature dishes of DIP narrate the fascinating journey of Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine. Conveniently located on the ground floor of the resort, near the pool and beach area, DIP welcomes guests for lunch from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM and for dinner from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. DIP also serves guests with refreshing drinks from 2:00 PM to 12:00 MN from the DIP Bar conveniently adjacent to the pool area.

The Highlights

The event highlights a complete cocktail tasting portions of the entire offerings of DIP Nikkei. The launch was theatrically segmented to 5 acts which also ties together with the courses of the cocktails narrating the vibrant history and story of Nikkei. The cocktails commences with Act 1 or titled as “Bienvenidos a Recepción” with the starters: Quinoa Lavash Bread, Canchita Peruvian Corn, Homemade Shari Crackers, and Quinoa Crackers – all a staple to every Peruvian get together to open the palates. Paired with the starters are a Chalaca Salsa, Huacamole, and Sweet Kimochi Sauce – that can be paired to any of the starters as long as it pleases the tongue.

Act 2 which titles “The Japanese Essence”, impresses the dining experiences with a huge Tuna sliced and served to the guests. Coupled with it are a few more Japanese inspired Nikkei selection: Sashimi Akami, Sashimi Otoro, Chutoro and Wasabi Hosomaki, Tuna Amarilla Nigiri, Tuna Sashimi, Tuna Tarte, Tuna Tamarind Ceviche, and Maki Acevichado with can be freely mixed and matched with the Nori Taco Crackers, with variety of sauces & condiments: Soy sauce, Tare, Wasabi, Ginger Pickles. Complimenting the variety of the fresh selection is the Sake cocktail which highlights further the scrumptious flavors. The Japanese Essence brings the influence freshness to the Peruvian cuisine as it widens further the selection of seafoods inoculated to the cuisine. Both cuisines are not astranged to bountiful oceans as both countries are near to the seas where fresh catch are readily available.

The interesting act is followed by the “Pisco and Culture” act. This segment highlights the traditional high-proof brandy of Peru that is a staple to every celebration. The act highlights the Pisco and the richness of history it brings. The Pisco cocktail is paired with some Peruvian dishes that enchances the drinking sensation: Seafoods Rice Croquetes, Beef Skewer Anticucho, Aji Pollero, and Prawn Causa. All satisfying and oozing with umami impression.As the guests savors every interesting flavors, they indulge further to the culture with a sexy salsa number performed by Cebu’s Dancesport world champions.

Elevate gatherings with a private dining at DIP Nikkei

Elevate gatherings with a private dining at DIP Nikkei

Now to the most exciting Act 4 titled “This is Nikkei”. This time a huge Cochinillo, a suckling pig known for its juicy flesh and think skin – a primary highlight to every Latin American celebration, is presented to the front and sliced to be served to all the guests. With the Cochinillo are a few more mains to complete the Nikkie experience: Tuna and Hamachi Kama with Wasabi emulsion and Ponzu Sauce, Roasted Pork Cut with Terimiso Sauce, Chupe Capuccino (a seafood brisque soup with brisque foam) topped with Prawn and Potato Confit, Eight-hour Beef Cheek with Chalaca Salsa (roasted carrots and edamame), Truffle Potato Foam topped with Shitake powder and Quinoa crispies, and Crispy Shari and Wasabi emulsion.

As Nikkei cuisine evolves through the chef’s innovations, the last act highlights the ingenious contributions to Nikkei through their desserts – which titles “Nikkei to the World”. This act presents the desserts of Nikkei Chef Rodrigo’s take on some sweet cravings. The act peaks through a Nitro Popcorn Vanilla Coconut Cream served with Miso Dulce de Leche. To add the breathtaking act is a platter of desserts containing: White Slate served with Alfajores with Dulce de Leche, Matcha Cheesecake, Shot of Lemon Yuzu Posset, Chocolate Sake Bonbon (praline), Matcha microwave Sponge Cake, and Berries Culies.

With a Peruvian chef at its helm, DIP offers an authentic selection of signature dishes available in both à la carte and course options. DIP stands as a dynamic and lively restaurant, embracing the essence of Nikkei cuisine, a culinary legacy shaped decades ago by Japanese immigrants in Peru. Each dish captivates with its bold presentation and harmonious blend of Peruvian ingredients, expertly interpreted through a Japanese lens.

For inquiries on our DIP Nikkei Restaurant, you may contact +63 917 627 7245 or email sh.cebsi.f&[email protected] or you may also visit this link to reserve a table:



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