If you love “The Tortured Poets Department”, listen to these other Taylor Swift songs

Swifties worldwide collectively went on “Do Not Disturb” mode as American singer Taylor Swift dropped her newest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” on Friday, April 19, 2024.

Everyone prepared themselves to listen to a total of 15 new songs. Still, the singer-songwriter never fails to keep some tricks up her sleeves as she shocked the world again by releasing a surprise second part of the album.

The surprise double album is titled “The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology,” adding 16 new songs to her catalog.

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Critics and avid listeners sang their appreciation and acclaim for the album for depicting grief and suffering wrapped in deep poetic wordplay that made swifties hold a tissue in one hand and scan a dictionary in the other.

The entire album now consists of 31 songs, making it her longest album by the number of tracks, beating Red (Taylor’s Version), initially holding the record with 30 tracks. If those 31 songs are not enough for you, here are more Taylor Swift songs that you might also like if you loved “Tortured Poets.”

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Champagne Problems – Evermore

If you are wrapped up in the beautiful storytelling of her new album, you should listen to one of Taylor Swift’s most listened tracks on her ninth studio album. “Champagne Problems” tells a first-person story of a woman who turned down a wedding proposal, making her the town’s villain. This song perfectly captures why Swift is considered the queen of writing bridges.

Ronan – Red (Taylor’s Version)

No other earlier song by the American singer captures what it means to lose someone important other than this deep cut from her. “Ronan” tells the story of a mother who lost her 4-year-old son after a long fight against cancer. This song remains a special song that even Swifties chose to honor as a sacred track in Taylor’s discography.

Last Great American Dynasty – Folklore

Taylor Swift will always take the crown among her peers in songwriting. It is masterfully depicted in her newest album. One of her later releases also encapsulates her brilliance in imagery as written through song is this track from “Folklore.” This song takes you to her holiday house through the life of Rebecca Harkness, a popular figure among die-hard fans.

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Our Song – Debut

From her quirky song titles as corny as “But Daddy I Like Him,” “I Can Fix Him,” and “Loml.” It’s no wonder that Taylor Swift still chose to highlight a dash of high school love in her newest album. To bring Swifties back to what it means to love while young, it’s probably ideal to listen to this single from her debut album. 

Archer – Lover

As much as it is an album about grief, the singer’s newest album is also about examining oneself while undergoing and expressing the deepest emotions thus far. If it is a journey you wish to experience by listening to music, you should give “Archer” a listen. Being a fifth-track song, this is one of the most vulnerable songs that the artist has released throughout her career.

To grieve for something means that you once loved it, and it is through love that people experience living. This, among many other realizations, might find you after you listen to Taylor Swift’s new album. With her signature storytelling and songwriting, the American singer yet again astounds the world with another A-list studio album.

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