Sunrise cruise and a lagoon experience in Bantayan Island

CEBU CITY, Philippines—Finding stillness and newness may be some of the things you need to realign with yourself.

After days of spending long hours in the office or at work, it gets mentally and physically draining to get through another day.

Even when you get to do the things that should make you feel better by the end of the day, sometimes, running, going to the gym or binge watching at home is not enough.

When the body and mind collide and get tired, there’s only one thing left to do— rest.


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Take a break from that routine.

One of the many beautiful places in Cebu to recharge and get away from the busy city life is the quiet and still island of Bantayan Island.

The stillness gives this island and extra point when it comes to giving people the relaxation they need.

If you are done with just lounging at the beach or going around the heritage sites of the island, hop on that next pumpboat going to another serene spot in Santa Fe, the Baigad Lagoon.

Sunrise cruise and a lagoon experience in Bantayan Island. Photo is the Baigad Lagoon.

Baigad Lagoon, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island. | Immae Lachica


Sunrise cruise in Bantayan Island: A lagoon experience also awaits. Baigad Lagoon.

Baigad Lagoon, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island. | Immae Lachica

Baigad Lagoon offers another kind of Bantayan experience in a small part of town.

From its drop off point, a five to ten minute boat ride will bring you to this picturesque place.

In the lagoon you can enjoy water activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, and a banana boat ride.

The lagoon gives you the best of both worlds, if you want for a more still and calm swimming experience the lagoon welcomes you, but if you want to play with the waves, the ocean on the other side of the island might be the perfect fit for you.

Another activity in the island that can make you feel connected with nature and just take in the moment is the sunrise cruise in Bantayan Island.

Sunrise cruise.

Inhaling positivity through a sunrise cruise. | Romayne Rivera


Sunrise cruise.

Ready to sail. | Romayne Rivera

This is something new to the island where you can get to witness the sun rising while onboard a “paraw.”

The ocean sounds, the slow dramatic show of the sky until the sun rises will give you the sense of rebirth you needed.

With nothing to do but just relax and look at the sunrise in Bantayan, you get to just breathe in the moment.

A simple trip to get away from your normal routine can make a difference.

Whenever you get the chance, grab it. Have the time for yourself and maybe tag along some of the people that would make that trip even more memorable.

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