OPM playlist for Mother’s Day: A letter tuned for her

By: - May 12, 2024

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honor all mothers—single moms, aunts, or significant mother figures in our lives—who showed unconditional love, care, patience, and understanding. Since the light of the house has been letting us feel its warmth all these years, it is our time to return those boundless love through a song, an Original Pilipino Music or OPM, if ‘thank you’ feels inadequate.

Here are some songs to impart our true feelings for our mother:

Nanay by Joey Benin

OPM playlist for Mother’s Day

A lyric video of ‘Nanay’ by Joey Benin (Captured from Joey Benin’s YouTube Channel)

The song ‘Nanay’ was the theme song of the 2006 film entitled ‘Inang Nanay’. It holds true to a mother’s lasting impact on her children by leaving unforgettable memories of what a mother’s love is—staying by our side even when we get older, even in our challenging moments, and when we are far from each other. We are grateful for the blessing of having a one-of-a-kind mother.

Yakap Mo by Lara Maigue

OPM playlist for Mother’s Day

The official lyric video of ‘Yakap Mo’ by Lara Maigue (Captured from the ABS-CBN Star Music Official YouTube Channel)

Yakap Mo was the Original Soundtrack (OST) of the Filipino television series entitled ‘Nang Ngumiti ang Langit’. The song tugs at our hearts when we suddenly miss our mom. It reminds us of the longing for our mother’s warm embrace—to be in their presence—when they are far away from us or when their time has come to an end.

I’ll Be There For You by Juris

OPM playlist for Mother’s Day

The official lyric video of ‘I’ll Be There For You’ by Juris (Captured the ABS-CBN Star Music Official YouTube Channel)

Juris’ rendition of Aiza Seguerra’s I’ll Be There For You, from the album ‘Para Lang Sa ‘Yo’, was part of the Life Songs, the MMK 25 Commemorative Album. Although the song was not originally meant for mothers, it imparts an emotional lyric that reminds us of our mothers’s comfort, as they became our foundation and support when facing uncertainties about the future. Their reassuring and encouraging words of ‘I’ll be there’ could make a difference in our world.

Iingatan Ka by Carol Banawa

OPM playlist for Mother’s Day

The lyric video of ‘Iingatan Ka’ by Carol Banawa (Captured from the ABS-CBN Star Music Official YouTube Channel)

The oldest and most well-known song within the song is Iingatan Ka by Carol Banawa, which was released in 1997 under the Panunumpa album. It evokes emotions as it reminds us of the unbreakable bond between a mother and child—full of guidance, support, and commitment to each other. The song conveys the circle of life, where we were once nurtured by our mother; now, it is our duty to reciprocate that care out of love.

MAPA by SB19

OPM playlist for Mother’s Day

The official lyric video of ‘MAPA’ of SB19 (Captured from the SB19 Official YouTube Channel)

MAPA was released in 2021 by the Filipino boy group SB19 under the extended play (EP) of Pagsibol. It is a profound and genuine letter that contains every member’s message for their parents. The song encapsulates our pain for our parents but is full of appreciation and gratitude towards them, their sacrifices, and the life lessons they gave us. Repaying them by letting them take a rest, and it is our turn to support them. 

Just because we grew up does not mean our mom will stop being a mother. They are the reason we are here, the reason we got this far, and the reason we became who we are today. So, let’s tune our unwritten letters into a song that resonates our true feelings towards them. 


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