Ten types of Filipino families. Which one best describes your tribe?

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Filipino families are seen as one of the most loud, joyful and affectionate families around the world.

Filipinos have their own way of sharing who they are through the kind of bond they share with their family members.

Our families are the way they are today because of how our elders raised us.

Today, as we celebrate International Day of Families, let’s get to know the different kinds of Filipino families.

CDN Digital will take you on a quick and fun read this hump day to just reflect and thank God you belong to a Filipino family.

Let’s start with the obvious and simple ones:

Nuclear Families

These families are the most common in the Philippines. It’s just parents and their kids living together in one house. Usually, the parents take care of and provide for the family.

Extended Families

In Filipino culture, extended families are big. Besides the parents and kids, you might find grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins living nearby or in the same house. They all help each other out, especially with raising the kids.

Single-Parent Families

Sometimes, there’s only one parent raising the kids, either the mom or the dad. This can happen because of divorce, separation, or if one parent passes away. Single parents have it tough, and you’d be surprised on how strong they are especially with the way they  take care of their kids.

Blended Families:

When two people with kids from previous relationships get married or live together, they become a blended family. It’s like mixing two families into one. This is more common now because people are more open to divorce and remarriage.

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A family of four playing a board game

Now for the fun part.

While the above mentioned families are good representations of the kinds of families we have as Filipinos, these other kinds of families would make it more relatable in a fun way.

Loud Families

Growing up in the Philippines, yelling can be considered as part of our daily lives. It is as if our parents would need to exercise their vocal chords just to get our attention. Whether you are just an inch away or a foot away, they will make it seem like they’re all fighting with how loud or strong their voices are. Don’t worry, though, they mean no harm.

Traveling Families

It’ll be hard to get a hold of this family, especially when they have all their holidays, weekends and trips planned already. You often see them enjoying a simple beach getaway or an out of town trip on the weekends. This kind of family inspires us to also have the time to spend more time with our families even for just a weekend.

The Buntilao family comes all way from Talisay City to attend the mass at the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño and bringing with them images of the child Jesus. | Emmariel Ares

The Buntilao family comes all way from Talisay City to attend the mass at the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño and bringing with them images of the child Jesus. | Emmariel Ares

Religious, community-involved families

This kind of family is the one you’d see in every mass in your parish, donating and sponsoring whatever they can for a church activity or any religious activity not just in your parish but in your city.

They are usually the ones we see present in every Sunday mass and in every special church occasion.

As an honorary member of the list of Filipino families we have listed above, let’s not forget the ones who endure years of not being able to be with each other. 

Talented and Sporty Families

It’s hard to miss on this kind of family when they are also out in the news because of their achievements in sports, or in the arts. They can be a family of athletes, singers, dancers or artists. This kind of family is not rare here in the Philippines.

‘Okay now, Fight later’ Families

It has been a running joke in the Philippines every time we mention conflicts in the family. Most of the time the top reason would be a fight over the inheritance. It maybe hectares of land involved or a watch from their parents, siblings and relatives sure do know how to stir things up with conflict. Some families fight over not liking a certain family member or an in-law, can you imagine the drama?

Foodie Families

This might be true to almost all families in the Philippines. There is nothing greater and grander than spending time with our favorite dishes while we catch up with each other’s lives. The amount of time we spend in preparing all those good food is nothing compared to the amount of time we get to just sit and talk to our families.

ASF Carcar

Lechon is a favorite food to enjoy in Cebu. | CDN Digital file photo

The OFW Families:

These are the kids that were left behind so mom and dad can make more to provide the life they dream to give their families. The parents who had to let their kids go so they can dream bigger and pursue their hearts desire. This kind of family is seen as the “well-off” kind of family, but little do others know this kind of family should be seen not only for the dollars earned but also the amount of courage and strength they have built over the years.


From left to right: Janne, their mother, Jivy and Immae living one of their dreams and that is to be able to travel together abroad. This was taken in the town center of Gisborne New Zealand in January 2024.

As vibrant as the culture of our country the Filipino family life, showcases the diversity of families that are weaved together to show the amazing qualities and uniqueness of each Filipino household.

From savoring favorite dishes to embarking on thrilling adventures, from unleashing creativity to cheering on each other’s achievements, these families are united by the shared love for one another and the creation of timeless memories that will forever be deep-rooted in generations to come.

Happy International Day of Families!

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