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4 Kitchie Nadal songs that’s perfect for a ‘muni-muni’ weather

CEBU CITY, Philippines — After more than two months of experiencing intense heat, we will soon have the relief that we all need as the rainy season is already set to begin in the last week of June.

Listening to the sound of raindrops gives up a sense of peace after a weary day at work or at school.

And as we listen to the sound of the raindrops, we start to have this cozy feel of wanting to curl up on the couch under a soft blanket.

What better way to complete this senti feels than to listen to some good music.


What’s your favorite Rivermaya song with Bamboo, Rico, Nathan, and Mark?

This week, let one of the OG OPM female singer-song writer, who will be celebrating her 20th year in the industry through a concert this June 2, be your jam while indulging in the serenity of the rain.

Kitchie Nadal‘s songs may just be the kind of music that you would want to listen to and take you back to your younger years.

Let’s have a trip down memory lane as we listen to some of Kitchie Nadal’s hit songs that’s perfect for the rainy days.

Huwag na Huwag mong Sasabihin

A song of plea. Nadal wrote this song about a person pleading their lover never to say that they never felt their love.  This is a song that would transcend pain in every lyric. In the song, the singer offers to give everything to the lover, including his/her freedom. OUCH!

Huwag na huwag mong sasabihin
Na hindi mo nadama itong
Pag-ibig kong handang
Ibigay kahit pa ang kalayaan mo

Same Ground

This hit song by Nadal was the anthem of our generation! It was a song that resonated to those who needed to end a relationship because it was the right thing to do even if it would break their hearts. The song is a reflection of the pain and guilt that we feel when ending a relationship.

But now I don’t understand why I’m feelingSo bad now when I know it was my ideaI could’ve just denied the truth and liedBut why am I the only one standing strandedOn the same ground?


If you are feeling down, frustrated and just done with life, listen to this song. Nadal’s talent goes beyond creating songs for the heart, but also songs of hope that one day we’ll get to the paradise that we’ve been dreaming of.  In the song, Nadal tells her listeners to hear the whispers or “bulong” of encouragement instead of the external noise that we often hear.

Hoy! Kaibigan koPakinggan mo’ng mga bulong sa ‘yoIto’y ‘di galing sa mundoPatungo sa pangakong paraiso


From one song of hope to another. Nadal made music with substance and this song was one of those. The song highlights the enchanting power of hope in overcoming life’s challenges. Even when people start to feel lost and the future seems uncertain, hope and love can reveal hidden potentials and help us conquer obstacles.

Ikaw ang tanging pag-asa
Binhi sa kanyang kinagisnan
Pagkat landas ay di na babalikan


The 43-year-old singer undeniably made a mark in the OPM scene during the early 2000s. And with the new generation learning about her songs, it is safe to say that we will be hearing more of her soon.

At the end of the day, we stand with her on the same ground, thanking her for sharing her love for music with all her fans! Happy 20th anniversary, Kitchie!

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