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What’s your favorite Rivermaya song with Bamboo, Rico, Nathan, and Mark?


Original Rivermaya: Rico Blanco, Mark Escueta, Nathan Azarcon, and Bamboo. | Photo from

CEBU CITY, Philippines—So, 90s alternative rock enthusiasts are buzzing with the news of Rivermaya’s reunion concert set on February 17, 2024.

Bamboo (vocals), Rico Blanco (guitars/keyboards), Nathan Azarcon (bass), and Mark Escueta (drums) are set to reunite for a concert to relive the band’s famous songs in the 90s.

So what Rivermaya songs are we expecting in this reunion concert?

It’s worthy to note, though, that one original member is lacking from lineup that Live Nation Philippines revealed for the reunion concert.

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The original lineup of the band when it released its first album (self-titled) in November 1994 included famous lead guitarist, Perfecto “Perf” de Castro.

Thus some songs in this list, particularly the ones from the first album, included Perf, and the four who are set to reunite in the February concert. Perf left late 1995 and was not part of the succeeding albums of Rivermaya.

Here are some famous Rivermaya songs we expect (hope) to be played in the reunion concert.

214 (Rivermaya self-titled album)

This song, which was from the first album in 1994, is among the band’s more famous songs until now. It’s a timeless classic, especially with Perf’s iconic guitar solo. Rico Blanco wrote this song and it fit so well with Bamboos vocals. 

Ulan (Rivermaya self-titled album)

Ulan was the first single of the band in its first album. Again, Bamboo’s vocals are highlighted in this Tagalog song, which actually doesn’t feature any guitar solo, but instead offers a nifty piano solo. Like many of Rivermaya’s songs, Ulan was written by Rico Blanco.

Himala (Trip)

This song is a powerful ballad that explores themes of faith and miracles. The song’s captivating melody and profound lyrics make it a standout track in the band’s discography. It has touched the hearts of many Filipinos, and its deep spiritual undertones continue to resonate with listeners. Many artists have actually done covers of this song.

Kisapmata (Trip)

“Kisapmata” became a rock anthem that encapsulated the intensity of youthful rebellion and longing. Like other Rivermaya songs, this had an unforgettable guitar riff.

Hinahanap-hanap kita (Atomic Bomb)

With its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics, this song is often associated with feelings of longing and missing someone special. It has also been covered by other artists, including Daniel Padilla. 

These are just a few of Rivermaya’s top songs with the original cast. There are a lot more like Awit ng Kabataan, Princess of Disguise, If, Elesi, etc…

Their extensive catalog offers a wide range of music that has touched the hearts of fans over the years.

So what’s your favorite Rivermaya track with Bamboo, Rico, Nathan, and Mark?

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