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Timeless at 10

Roast Beef

Roast Beef

MARCO Polo Plaza Cebu remains to be the only landmark Hotel in Cebu that rises on top of Nivel hills, 600 feet above sea level. Dominating the skyline since the 1980s, it was then known as Cebu Plaza Hotel, the first five-star hotel of Cebu.

It was alluded to as “the grand dame” of the hotels and put Cebu City at the forefront of the hospitality industry for over two decades. Metrobank eventually acquired the property in 2003 and finally reopened in 2006 as Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.

Today, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu has carved a name as one of the finest and upholds its standard of excellence.

Sushi Nigiri

Sushi Nigiri

The imposing hotel with 329 well-appointed guestrooms and suites offers a panoramic view of Cebu City and the Mactan Channel.

It is also home to some of the finest restaurants, in keeping with the tradition of culinary distinction. It was, in fact, named “Hotel of the Year” in 2014, an accolade given by the Marco Polo Hotels in the Asia Pacific region.

The invitation to 10 years of partnership dubbed “Timeless at 10” at Blu Bar and Grill to celebrate the milestone kicked off with a benefit run for Emergency Unit Rescue Foundation. A series of invitations were extended to the hotel’s valued partners including the travel agents, top corporate accounts, the Japanese community as well as the media.

 Assorted Sushi

Assorted Sushi

Setting foot in Marco Polo Plaza Cebu always brings in memories. I held the position of Public Relations Manager of Cebu Plaza Hotel for eight years until its closure in March of 2003.

To get to the Blu Bar and Grill at the 22nd floor or the Penthouse, guests use the scenic elevator that gives a dramatic view of the metropolis, 1,000 feet above sea level. It was the first scenic elevator in the city in the 1980s and became an attraction. Guests paid P20 then just to experience the scenic elevator ride.

Arriving for the celebration, I rode the elevator by myself reminiscing the glory years of the “old” hotel. Resident Manager Xavier Masson and General Manager Julie Najar welcomed the media guests. Quite an unusual creation, Strawberry Mojito in a Light Bulb, was passed around.

Blu Bar & Grill’s Strawberry Margarita  on a Lightbulb

Blu Bar & Grill’s Strawberry Margarita
on a Lightbulb

The Cocktail Buffet Spread prepared by Executive Chef Stefano Verillo and his culinary team looked enticing.

I started with Fish & Chips and assorted Sushi. My Cebu Daily News colleague Jaime Picornell was raving about the tender and juicy Roast Beef and the Beef & Bacon Noisette. The chilled chardonnay was refreshing and the strong breeze in the highest point in Cebu kept the summer heat at bay. Just when we were getting comfy, we were asked to group ourselves for a game of trivia. Our team did not win the game but we had fun.

An impromptu karaoke session followed shortly. The Marketing Communications team led by Lara Constantino was all out to celebrate the 10 years of providing one of the best in the hospitality industry.

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