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Cebu’s newest outdoor venue is in City Di Mare!

INFLATABLES added a fun aspect to the non-race, meant to encourage non-runners (even kids!) to join.

INFLATABLES added a fun aspect to the non-race, meant to encourage non-runners (even kids!) to join.

I WAS given an exclusive tour of a four- hectare, grass-covered field at the South Road Properties (SRP) one dusk at the tail end of summer, and the light was just right. Everything looked new.

The City di Mare Event Ground was in a state of flux when I met her, transforming into the venue for the phenomenally successful Color Manila Challenge, which chose the just-opened venue as the site of its highly anticipated Cebu leg.

On the grass sprouted giant inflatables, kid-friendly obstacle courses that made the entire area look like a vibrant playground. After all, it was always the aim of the event to draw non-runners, to encourage more people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The fact that there was abundant grass coverage is an advantage, and quite a rarity in outdoor venues of this size. At four hectares, the imagination is set loose to the possibilities. In fact, that same afternoon, we were on a mission to draw one of Cebu’s revered outdoor events (I am still not at liberty to say, but it’s a crowd-drawer that started as a passion project for its visionary founder) to this place by next year.

Another consideration was also covered, the site offers a three-hectare adjacent lot that can accommodate up to a thousand cars. Parking, always that pesky little problem, found a solution here.

“We’re excited to offer our grounds as the go-to venue for Cebu’s outdoor events,” says Don Ubaldo, Project Head of City di Mare. “The City di Mare Event Grounds’ four hectares is already covered in grass, right by the main road that connects Cebu and Talisay cities, and just across our premiere retail component Il Corso where proudly Cebuano dining brands like Gusto Mare, Lantaw and Parilla are right by the ocean.”

As soon as the sun set, we headed across the street, under white awnings that looked like sails, and took in the sea breeze. Il Corso was starting to fill with an in-the-know crowd who don’t like the fuss, know good food, and like to take in Cebu’s secret little spots. This one, right by the water and between two bustling cities.

Imagine the possibilities as it continues to grow.

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