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Cebu street food? Here are two lamaws known by Cebuanos


Cebu street food? Here are two lamaws known by Cebuanos

Lamaw: buko juice and crackers. Lamaw with rice, siomai and chicharon | Photo by: Mikeeventures

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Cebu is known for the wide array of sumptuous food and beverages.

Some are widely known by others while some are only known by the locals of Cebu.

Like the two kinds of ‘lamaw’ here in Cebu.

To most ‘lamaw’ is known to be left over food that is use to feed pigs.

But since, Cebuanos are very creative in  making other dishes that humans can enjoy with the same name, now, ‘lamaw’ has become a household name for good cheap eats.

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Lamaw is a popular street food dish in Cebu, Philippines, known for its unique combination of flavors.

But there are indeed two different variations of lamaw commonly found in Cebu: lamaw with the mixture of buko juice and crackers, and lamaw with rice toppers like siomai, chicharon, and hard-boiled egg.

Lamaw with buko juice and crackers:

This is just buko juice with milk, ice and crackers. This is famous for snacks in the province paired with bread.

This is the kind of refreshment with a bit of texture with you have it.

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Lamaw with rice toppers:

The second variation of lamaw involves using rice as the base, topped with various ingredients. Typically, it includes siomai (steamed or fried pork dumplings), chicharon (crispy pork cracklings), and sliced hard-boiled eggs.

Both variations of lamaw offer a delightful culinary experience and are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike in Cebu. They showcase the diverse and creative food culture of the Philippines, particularly in the Cebu region.

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