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TEMPUS Fugit, so the adage goes. Time flies, actually flees.

Not for the young, mind you, they have the luxury of boredom. Which brings me to another saying I have carried with me for a very long time as one of my favorites: How can you kill time — without injuring eternity?

Urban Turban appears every other Wednesday covering new trends and fashion, styling ideas and latest hair colors.

All the while assuming that you are 18, 20 or 24 years old.

But what if you are 50+ or — God forbid — 60?

You are expected to transition into your role as grandma. Buy those boring but sensible shoes, floral print dress and cover your white hairs.

Here and now, we celebrate fabulously fierce females of a certain age.

Our personal favorites are Dame Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda.

Without trying too hard, these ladies are relevant, confident and timelessly attractive.

As we age, we have one overriding foe, one merciless enemy trying to bring us down.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

Gravity is inescapable.

In order to look our best, we need to wear our hair shorter, with texture and lift around the face.

The interior frame relates to the face and the exterior frame, the silhouette, work together in optimizing face shape, balance of features and proportions to the body.

The lines flow to point upwards, not drag down. The widest point of silhouette must be on the level of cheekbones or higher.

Color is of great importance, as well. Too dark and we appear hard, older and unfriendly. A good color relates to the relative warmth or coolness of your skin. Add some highlights for texture and 3D effect.

Have you stopped coloring your hair altogether? Perhaps you had allergies or simply got tired of having to do the roots every few weeks?

An emerging new trend are soft pastels on white hair. From grey, blue grey and purple to pink, these non-chemical colors are fun, won’t dry your hair and disappear without leaving roots. They can be a real conversation starter.

Don’t ever let go of your Girl Power.

Seen recently:

Signs of a classy woman
-Wears subtle make-up
– Never drinks directly from the bottle
-Accepts compliments graciously
-Only wears heels she can walk in
-Always smells nice
-Doesn’t downplay her intelligence
-Reveals cleavage sparingly
-Wears dresses tight enough to show she’s a woman, but loose enough to prove she’s a lady

Trends and fashion change but women of substance are classics.

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