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Ollywood Trading introduces newest products

[CDN Photo | Junjie Mendoza]

WOOD Plastic Composite and The Engineered Herringbone Oak Tree are the newest wood flooring that Ollywood Trading has introduced last August.

The Wood Plastic Composite is made out of a mixture of wood and plastic that makes it durable. It is suitable for outdoors and could withstand heat and cold. It stays warm to give a comfortable feeling to the feet. It is non-slippery even after exposure from the rain which makes it perfect for areas surrounding swimming pools. It comes with two different colors to choose from: yellow and brown.

The Engineered Herringbone Oak Tree is a pure wood flooring that came from sturdy Oakwood. It is suitable for indoors and also comes in two different colors: smoky grey and yellow pear.

Ollywood Trading uses Finland Dynea Oy modified adhesive and four cover wax technology for each of their products to minimize the emission of Formaldehyde, a chemical substance present in most wood flooring that causes different kinds of diseases or conditions like skin allergies and chronic respiratory disease if exposed in a long period of time. By minimizing the emission of Formaldehyde, it makes Ollywood’s products reliable, high-quality and safe for everyone especially for children and pregnant women. It does not only guarantee a healthy home but aesthetically pleasing as well.

For more information about Ollywood Trading’s products, visit their office at 118 Lopez, Jaena St., Subangdaku, Mandaue City or contact them at 09062377777 or email them at [email protected].

Products of Ollywood Trading in Mandaue City [CDN Photos | Junjie Mendoza]

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