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Advantages of preventive, integrative wellness

CEBU’S medical tourism facility Maayo Medical tackled one of its core practices during a one-day medical symposium last February 3.
Attended by medical practitioners, advocates, partners, and patients, the symposium aims to raise awareness on the significance and advantage of practicing preventive and integrative wellness among diverse cultures.

A variety of talks highlighting wellness as the future of medicine, recent breakthrough research, and best practices on the wellness industry were shared to almost a hundred participants of the said event.

“Filipinos in general—it’s a compliment in a way—are matiisin in terms of flood maybe, rainstorm, or disaster. But when it comes to health, we are still matiisin, which we don’t want Filipinos to be; we want them to be more proactive in terms of their health, we want them to be educated correctly.  There are a lot of people na ‘yun nga the neighbors will say something na ‘take this, take this’, then your other neighbors will say ‘take this, take this’. So you’re taking so many things; you don’t know anymore which one is beneficial to you and which one you really need,” Dr. Joseph de Leon said emphasizing on how preventive, integrative medicine tailor fits what a patient personally needs.

Along with de Leon who discussed Age Management and Lifestyle Management during the event, other medical practitioners also graced the said activity as speakers for the following topics:  Preventive and Integrative Wellness, Toxicity, Vitamin and Mineral Testing and Food Tolerance, Men’s Health, Integrative Oncology, and Complementary Medicine (Hyperbaric Oxygen and Colonic Hydrotherapy).

Maayo is looking into building other facilities in the near future within and outside Cebu; one of which will be in Minglanilla within this year.

“We are studying the community (Minglanilla) on what it needs and will tailor fit our services to it,” Maayo Medical Clinic Business Development Executive Dr. Giselle Marie Gaviola said.

Maayo Medical is a modern outpatient clinic designed to provide a holistic, hassle-free, patient-centered wellness experience.  The facility located in Plaridel St., Mandaue City had its launching last July 2017.

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