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Miss Mandaue 2018 shares tips on winning the crown

Miss Mandaue 2018 Gabriella Carballo. | CDN file

Cebu City, Philippines — Always remember that your biggest competition is yourself.

This is the advice of Miss Mandaue 2018 Gabriella Carballo to the official candidates who want to win the Miss Mandaue 2019 title.

“If you compare yourself to other candidates and see you as less than the others, it is only going to hinder you from performing your best,” she told Cebu Daily News Digital. 

Last February 26, the official page of Mandaue City Public Information Office released the 16 names of Miss Mandaue 2019 candidates.

Official candidates are Lorraine Hann, Kristine Gillamac, Rhean Caruana, R-Jane Lugod, Angel Mae Dakay, Rica Mae Pitogo, Mitzi Lorraine Ambrad, Auleth Borja, Christine Rudolph, Umayma Alrawahu, Maricel Buscato, Charlotte Stuck, Jessel Saniel, Angeli Navarro, Karla Lasquite, and Amanda Basnillo.

Carballo explained that it is okay to see the strengths of others and find a way to incorporate those strengths into oneself. 

It is a healthy way of self-construct that can aid  in winning the crown. 

“However, I also believe that your goal should not be set on winning – rather, on doing your best. It is always better to focus on doing your best so that in the end, no matter the outcome, at least you know you gave it your all,” the 20-year old nursing student from Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU) said.

Another important tip from Carballo is to have a good and supportive relationship with fellow candidates. 

“In the end, Mandaue is searching for an Ambassadress who embodies the spirit of a true Mandauehanon. One who is kind, hardworking, and upright. Throughout the competition, strive to be that version of yourself but never lose who you truly are,” she added.

But what does it take to be the next Miss Mandaue 2019?

For her it should be a woman who is kind, courageous, humble, brave, upright in her morals, poised, beautiful, strong, well-rounded, and most importantly a dreamer and a doer. 

“Beauty queens spend so much time thinking about advocacies but only few truly work hard to carry them out. She has to love Mandaue wholeheartedly in order to serve them to her utmost capacity and I truly believe that through the Miss Mandaue pageant alone, this love can grow,” she said. /bmjo

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