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Staying in for the night made easier with S&R’s Members’ Treat

CEBU CITY, Philippines— S&R is the best choice to do some grocery shopping for your family and friends. S&R offers a great deal and wide array of  imported selections for their members to choose from. And with their S&R Members’ Treat you know have the chance to plan that party with your friends in your house or by the beach. Here’s the top party items you can get in S&R with their Member’s Treat: 

Roku Gin— a good house party always starts with a good dose of liquor. Roku Gin offers a clean and refreshing feeling with one sip at a time. This gin is best for welcoming you to an all-nighter party that you deserve.  Members’ Treat promo : Buy 1 Roku Gin and get 1 Free Larios gin.  

 Popping Corn Chips Grilled— popcorns are not just good for movies but also good over a light talk with friends. Munch on this treat as you go around the party knowing how things have been with your friends who you don’t often see. Buy 1 Take 1 on Members’ Treat. Members’ Treat promo: Buy 1 Take 1.

 Pyrex Easy Grab Square Dish— with a number of food variety that you will be preparing for your guests, a handy dandy dish ware will surely make all the food preparations a lot easier. From the chicken dish to the pork to the beef and even with the dessert this is the perfect find for your party need. Members’ Treat promo: 30%  Off on Members’ Treat

Petite Brownie Bites— what’s a party without sweet treats? This brownie bite will surely make you all hyped up with its savory taste and an extra kick of sugar rush to keep up up all night for some partying.  Members’ Treat promo: 100 peso OFF on Members Treat

Caffe D’Vita Green Tea—a party should not always be driving booze and dancing, if you just want to chill out with your friends and talk about life, grab that cup of green tea, look for a comfortable spot at the patio and just talk the night away over a good cup of tea. These are just some of the good finds you can take home for that planned house party you’ve always wanted. Now, this list is just a teaser for all the great Member’s Treat deal from S&R, so what are you waiting for, go grab your keys and bag and head on to S&R!  Members’ Treat promo: 50% Off on Members’ Treat

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