Tips on how to make New Year’s resolutions last through the year

CEBU CITY, Philippines— The New Year means new promises and a lot of us make New Year’s Resolutions.

And also many of us fail in making these New Year’s resolutions last a year.

That’s right, these common new year’s resolutions usually just last for a week or if you are persistent enough, a month.

Want to know the most common New Year’s resolution we hear every year with some tips on how to make it last through the year?

Read on.

I’m going on a diet— after the holiday festivities, it is a given that we gain extra weight, and that we would want to lose those extra gains by promising ourselves to do a healthy diet in the coming year, but more often than not we fail at this. This year, take it easy and plan your diet rather than opting to eat only one meal a day.

Saving more— this new year resolution is indeed hard to maintain especially with the tempting things around us, but that’s just it, don’t get tempted. Savings does not necessarily mean not spending at all, but rather spending within your means and keeping the extra cash for future use. If you just sacrifice a little you will be surprised with the outcome by the end of the year.

Learn new things— the thing about learning new things is that we often get caught up with the things that are keeping us busy in the first place. Wanting to learn new things means we have to balance our time really well. So in order for us to explore and learn new things, we should know exactly what we want to learn and how we will be able to manage it.

No more vices— saying goodbye to our long-term vices like smoking and drinking is hard. That’s exactly why one should just take it slow in starting to stay away from these vices. Don’t rush into things, but rather listen to your body, do it gradually and one day you’ll be surprised that you are no longer longing for a drink or a smoke.

Resting right— yes! This should always be our priority. This new year resolution should be the easiest for us, but it turns out to be the toughest. Resting does not only mean sleeping but rather resting our minds from thinking stressful things, and our hearts from hurting. Let this be the best new year’s resolution you can give yourself.

This 2020 let’s try harder to achieve all these resolutions not just for the sake of achieving them but rather for us to better for another blissful year./dbs

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