Why you should never rush getting into a relationship

CEBU CITY, Philippines— New year means new things, new opportunities and time to meet new people.

With meeting new people comes the idea of maybe getting into a relationship.

But, hey! Hold your horses, getting into a relationship is not a joke, I repeat, not a joke, so better to think it through.

No matter how cute and dreamy that person is, remember, getting into a relationship is a commitment.

So, here read this real quick on why you should never rush getting into a relationship.

It feels forced— when you get into a rushed relationship you will feel the lack of sincerity in your actions and the relationship itself. You are still trying to figure out each other and it may be a little awkward.

Not totally ready—getting into a new relationship can be because of so many wrong reasons, one of which is that you are just trying to get over your previous relationship and that should not be the case. That’s just plain unfair.

True colors— if you rush into getting into a relationship you’ll be surprised when you and your partner start showing your true colors, and you may not be ready for it and might not like it and late reaction? Break up. Ouch!

The honeymoon phase is not forever— once you get into a relationship and not really thinking or grasping about the different turn of events that may come along with it, that’s a big problem right there. So, before saying yes or asking for a yes, think about it a gazillion times.

This ain’t a race— it is okay to be single! So don’t ever think that while your friends are getting into a relationship you should too. Getting to know someone takes time. Enjoy it.

Get it? Why rush things when you can still enjoy the life of being single and just go on casual dates and meet new people.

Happy New Year to the new you! /dbs

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