Compliments to make your day this #WorldComplimentDay


CEBU CITY, Philippines– Today is #WorldComplimentDay.

Today should be a special day, a day wherein we give the best compliments to the people around us and even to some of our estranged family members, friends or even officemates.

Compliments are so underrated in our day and age, but little do we know that simple compliments can really go a long way.

Today, March 1, let’s be more open to telling everyone simple compliments that would not just last on their minds and hearts for a day but for days, months and even years.

Get your notes ready because CDN Digital is giving you some of the best compliments that you should say more often:

Good job– no matter how small or big the work is, if it was done in the right way and produced a good outcome, never forget to give credit to the person or persons who did it by saying this compliment. A short but sweet compliment like this can and will boost their confidence and will make them perform even better the next time.

Looking good– always appreciate the person’s effort to look nice. Don’t make fun of them simply because they want to look dashing. Be more appreciative of their efforts to look good and feel good. You’ll never know what that person had to go through just to look that nice or the reason why he or she decided to put her or his best foot forward.

This is appreciated– saying thank you is one thing, but saying that you appreciate their thoughts and efforts is another thing– even so much better. When you are appreciated, it gives you a sense of fulfillment. It makes you feel that others value you and the things you do.

You deserve this– yes, you do! You deserve the happiness you are experiencing right now, the vacation you have always planned for and the things you have always wanted to have. You deserve all those!

You are such a ray of sunshine– when people see you as someone who brings joy and happiness into their lives, that’s something that you can hold on to. This is a reminder that you matter and that someone sees you as a happy person. Don’t let that die down in you.

Let’s keep in mind to always say nice things to our friends, family members, and even our colleagues. Today, let’s be extra nice with the compliments that we share with others as we celebrate #WorldComplimentDay. /dcb


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