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Secret tips to maximize your home workout revealed

Staying healthy is more than just choosing the right food to consume.

We also have to exercise smarter to stay in shape as we all stay at home.

Aside from weight control, exercise can improve our mood and mental health.

While your favorite gym is still closed, we all have to find a way to burn extra carbs that we gained from eating.

Here’s how you can maximize your workout while at home.

1. Have your own exercise space

Plan your exercise area in your home. A designated space is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your home workouts.

Have all your exercise essentials in one spot and focus on your workout for at least 30 minutes to one hour.

2. Keep distractions away

You can be easily distracted while you’re at home which could lead to skipping your workout or cutting it short.

Put your phone away or switch it to silent mode to guarantee no distractions while you’re working out. Be open with your family members that you need at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.

Also, keep your TV turned off and move your pets to ensure your solo time.

3. Create a good playlist

Listening to music can pump you up and help you get motivated to burn those extra calories.

Rhythmic sounds, particularly those that are used in music, engage the areas in the networks of the brain that allows the body to move and even particularly synchronize different muscle groups.

During your workouts, find energetic songs that will add more fun to your session. Music can be your magic motivator, create those crazy mixes in one playlist now!

4. Stay hydrated during your workout

To maximize your caloric burn, be sure to have proper hydration. H2O is your workout buddy and sugary drinks are not.

Water will reduce puffiness and make it easier for you to control your calorie intake

Adding sliced cucumbers or lemons to your water will also help you feel energized.

It’s also good to have a few glasses of water before and after your home workout.

5. Prepare a post-workout snack.

If you’re not hungry, don’t eat after your workout session.  But make sure your post-workout treat is good for your body when you plan on eating.

Have some protein or quality carbs, like sweet potato or whole grains. Having some protein, like chicken or tofu on your plate will give your body the fuel it needs to get you to your goals.

6. Keep a log of your workouts

When you’re at home, it’s easier to skip a few sets.

So it’s very important to write down your program and keep them on track.  Your record will allow you to set goals and plan your rest day.

Consistency is more important than you think, don’t let your routine go! This record can also serve as a motivational log of achievement to look back on.

7. Rest properly

Go to bed early or wake up a little later. Having some extra rest is good for your muscles.

As you work out more, a good rest plan is also necessary.  Have some time during the day to relax and breathe.

8. Have an exercise partner.

Yes, we told you to set your phones on silent mode during the workout, but if you don’t have a workout partner at home, you can set a virtual exercise session with a friend.

Having a partner will help you get more motivated while catching-up at the same time. You will be less likely to find excuses and you can help each other train harder.

Do you know more tips and advice on how to maximize working out at home? Share it with us in the comments section of this video.

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