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Easy, helpful decluttering methods you can try at home

Since Summer is officially here and we’re still advised to stay at home, why not start tidying up?

A lot of room transformation videos are going viral these days because there’s simply nothing else to do at home.

This is exactly the best time to finally get everything organized and take control of your home by arranging, cleaning, and focusing on a different area of the house every week.

Decluttering will not just make you feel better physically but also mentally and emotionally. Less stuff also means having more time for important aspects of your life. But the hardest part may be getting started.

Create more space and ease in your homes, by following these expert decluttering methods.

KonMari Method

Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is one of the most well-known decluttering experts today. 

Her method gained attention with over four million book copies sold and counting.

The KonMari method is choosing what to keep instead of deciding what to get rid of.

This is done by collecting every single item you own in a particular category and putting them in a big pile.

And while doing this, you ask yourself:  Does this (thing) spark joy in my heart?

You simply choose what to keep and declutter the rest.

Do the 12-12-12 challenge

Remember the number twelve.

Twelve items to throw away, twelve to donate, and twelve to be returned to their proper home or owner.

Identify things you don’t see yourself using for the next months or years.

Donate clothes you never want to wear or sell them if they are unused.

Check the expiration dates of items inside your home and throw away whatever is expired.

Extra items that you don’t need anymore can also be sold along with those unworn clothes.

Try the Four-Box Method

Get four boxes and label them trash, give away, keep, or undecided.

Pick up clutter in any room and place each item into one of the labeled boxes.

Try your best not to skip any item and you’ll see exactly which items you want to keep.

This process may take a few days, but it will help if you know exactly how many items you can throw, donate, keep or give another chance.

The F.A.S.T. method

F– Fix a time. Set aside at least one day of the week for a few hours of cleaning and organizing.

A– Anything not used in 12 months. If you haven’t used something in the last year, you probably don’t need it or you need to donate it to someone who does.

S– Someone else’s stuff. As much as possible, your house should not have anything that doesn’t really belong to you.

T  Trash. You only want to keep the amount of stuff that makes sense for your space, don’t just simply move things you don’t need to another room. When it has to go, it has to go.

One Method

Get rid of one thing every single day for a period of time.

It can be anything from one item, or one box and one bag with contents per day.

This method will help you build a habit to declutter. By practicing this every single day, you’re able to build a decluttering routine.

In this method, you also have the flexibility to create your system.

Now it’s time for you to declutter your life! Share to us your decluttering experience at the comments section of this video!



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