Meaningful things you can do with the people you are quarantined with

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Aside from staying active and trying new dishes to prepare this whole quarantine situation, why not do some things that would take your mind off the long and oftentimes boring wait before the lifting of the quarantine or lockdowns around the country.

You can do some workout to keep your body active, some cooking to feed your tummy, and test your creativity but there are things you can do at home that can also help you kill time—like bonding with the people you are quarantined with.

If you are lucky to be quarantined at home with your family, there are so many opportunities for you to dig deep and bond with them.

Let’s start with these simple things you can do with the people you are quarantined with:

Reconnect with the past

Bring out those old photo albums and start scanning through the years when you were still young and your lives weren’t figured out yet. Let the past talk about itself and marvel at how you’ve grown over time.

Spend time with grandpa and grandma

While you start to revisit the past, why not connect with your grandparents by asking them how their lives were before. This will surely bring so much joy to them thinking about their younger years and being able to share it with the younger generations. You’ll be surprised at the many fun things and experiences your grandparents went through.

Gardening with mom or dad

Grab that water hose and try to give your parents an extra hand outside. This will make you understand why your parents are so hooked with planting and gardening and give you a first-hand account if why gardening gives them so much satisfaction and joy after finally seeing plants blossom and grow beautifully. Your parents will enjoy not just the extra hand with the gardening tools but will appreciate the time you spent with them.

Schedule a movie day

While everyone is busy watching their own shows in their rooms or on their gadgets, why not set up a day of the week wherein everyone will be watching one or two movies together. This will make you feel more connected while on quarantine. Gather the family again just like old times.



This should be the most underrated justed thing to do during this quarantine period. Since we are so focused on doing our own things at home that sometimes we don’t spend enough time talking with the people around us. Talk to your family members even if you were just at home the entire day. Call your relatives and set up a family video call to ask your relatives how they have been.

These are simple and not-so-new things we can do this quarantine period, but you’ll be surprised by the effect it can bring to you and the things you’ll learn along the way, like seizing every moment you get to spend time with the people who matter./rcg

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