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Creative ways to upcycle your tin cans

Hold on, don’t throw away those tin cans!

You can recycle tin cans for art activities at home with your children or upcycle these tin cans as DIY organizers.

Just make sure to clean and wipe your tin cans first and choose which tin cans are reusable.

Also, make sure they don’t have sharp edges anymore.

No matter what shape or size of your tin cans, you can surely make something!

Time to unleash your creativity and upcycle tin cans! In this article, CDN Digital gathered creative ways to upcycle tin cans.

Telephone toy

Although it is generally fine to introduce gadgets like smartphones to your kids,

It is still important to remind them to enjoy life without technology.

Why not make an old-school telephone made out of tin cans for your kids? It only requires two tin cans and a string!

With this toy, you can practice your child’s communication skills and imagination!

Pencil, pen or brush holder

We all want an organized home, who doesn’t?

With the use of tin cans, you can finally organize your desk or the children’s art table.

All you need for this project aside from some tin cans are art materials.

You can paint your holders with any color you like or you can also use extra gift wrappers at home to cover them.

And if you want to be a little extra, you can also add more details like strings or unused buttons.

Vase for flowers or as pots of plants

Use your creativity to update any room at your home!

With fresh flowers and plants, you can achieve that travel vibe even at home.

You can paint your tin cans with vibrant colors or personalize them to match the theme you want to achieve.

To make a lovely vase by upcycling a tin can, unleash your creativity and use materials that you already have!

So the next time you will receive flowers or buy one for yourself, you’ll have your DIY vases.

When you are planning to do something new and try your luck at gardening, you can start by planting them on tin cans too.

Keys and little figures holder

Let’s face it, we have key for almost every room in the house

We also have keys for our cabinets, drawers, security padlocks, cars, and more.

To organize these keys, why not use tin cans?

Small tin cans from canned goods would be a perfect fit for your key organizer.

You don’t need to waste time looking for keys anymore because you have an upcycled tin can to serve as a holder.

You can even use tin cans to keep tiny figurines that you don’t want to lose or get broken.

Coin bank

Saving for the rainy days is necessary, especially when you want to be prepared in life.

Whether you want to save for those shoes you have been eyeing on or save for that dream trip, saving up can be a challenge.

Why not motivate yourself to save by making your DIY coin bank?

Remember those large empty milk cans? Time to put them into good use.

All you need to decide is what theme you want to design your coin bank so it will motivate you to save every day.

Paste a photo of your dream destination or that beautiful car you always wanted.

Just don’t forget that every coin or cash that you put inside your tin can bank will be useful one day!

Let us know other creative ways to use tin cans in the comments section of this video.



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