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Your simple guide to achieve healthy bones

Our bones act like a frame for our body that protects vital organs.

With bone problems, the overall function of our body will be affected.  Poor bone health can cause many more conditions.

So it is only very necessary to take care of our bones from an early age.

A healthy and balanced diet can provide all the nutrients we need for healthy bones, but maintaining our bones’ health can be more difficult than we thought.

CDN Digital compiled some of the basic Dos and Don’ts to keep your bones healthy, aside from just maintaining your calcium levels.

Avoid low-calorie diets

Low calorie levels are not a good idea for your bones.

Some studies have shown individuals with diets that provide fewer than 1,000 calories per day can be harmful to bone health, which leads to lower bone density in normal-weight, overweight, or obese individuals.

To build and maintain strong bones, follow a well-balanced diet with at least 1,200 calories per day.

Don’t forget your daily serving of protein and foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

Try Tofu

Tofu is an excellent source of calcium.

If you want to look after your weight without sacrificing your bone health, you can try adding tofu to your diet.

Tofu that’s been made with calcium has 86 precent of the recommended daily intake for calcium in just half a cup.

Some varieties range from 275–861 mg of calcium per half cup.

Include Vitamin D

Daily vitamin D intake helps absorb more calcium.

Get enough vitamin D the old-fashioned way by spending a few minutes under the sun.

Aside from vitamins and supplements, you can also get your dose of vitamin D from foods such as oily fish and egg yolk.

Increase physical activity

Our bones are dynamic living tissues that get stronger when stressed and weaker when they’re not.

The best way to improve your bone mass is with daily moderate-intensity physical activity,

Weight-bearing exercises such as walking, running, dancing and stair climbing can also help.  At least 30 minutes of exercise builds bone density and improve body strength.

Avoid Smoking and drinking excessively

Tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption can make your bones lose mineral density.

Also avoid too much coffee because like cigarettes and alcohol, it reduces calcium consumption and harm your bone density.

Sugary drinks

Sodas have sugar and also contain phosphoric acid, which dissolves bones due to its corrosive nature.

As the body try to neutralize phosphoric acid, it is forced to draw substantial amounts of alkalizing calcium compounds from our bones.

You can also balance your diet by drinking calcium-rich milk.

Get enough sleep

Sleep does not only affect proper development but also contribute to aging.

Researchers found out that a lack of sleep may affect bone formation.

The study also concluded that sleep deprivation may affect how our bones repair themselves.

Ignoring sleep issues such as sleep apnea, can raise the threat of osteoporosis.

Salty food and snacks

Recent studies found out that there is a correlation between high salt intake and lower bone density.

As your sodium intake increases, your calcium stores are depleted.

High sodium intake elevates calcium excretion through urine and the more calcium is excreted from the body, the more costly it is for the bones.

What other dos and don’ts should be done to keep our bones healthy? Let us know in the comments section of this video.


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