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Filipino dishes that every foodie should try once or more

If there’s one thing Filipinos are good at, it is cooking. But Filipinos also love to eat!

We should be proud that many local Filipino dishes are known internationally. The local Filipino food scene really stands out no matter where you serve Filipino favorites.

Not just that, many try their best to recreate these dishes and cook something that is even more delicious!

In this article, CDN Digital compiled some iconic Filipino dishes that are served on almost every occasion especially during fiesta.

If you miss the Fiesta season, we miss it too!


Adobo is absolutely a fiesta classic in the Philippines.

Chicken or pork meat will be marinated and boiled with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, pepper, salt and bay leaf.  The classic Filipino dish Adobo translates to “marinade” in Spanish.

Some Filipinos discovered that Adobo is a practical dish that you can preserve without refrigeration because of its ingredients.

There are also many regional variations of adobo like adobo sa gata and adobo sa kangkong but no matter where you are, adobo is a famous dish you should definitely try!


Another classic favorite, Lumpia is influenced by Chinese cuisine.

This dish is basically the Pinoy’s version of the egg roll, lumpia.

Fried lumpia or spring rolls are always served during many occasions in the Philippines because of its crunchy taste and delicious flavor.

The deep-fried rolls filled with minced meat and vegetables are usually served with a sweet and sour sauce for dipping.


The noodle dish, Pancit, is served as a symbol for long life on special occasions in the Philippines.

Filipinos love to cook and prepare this dish during birthdays.

The noodles are sautéed with sliced vegetables, carrots, cabbage, garlic, pork or chicken and even shrimp.

There are many versions and recipes on how to cook Pansit or Pancit since there are also many varieties of noodles’ thickness.

This favorite Filipino dish was also influenced by the Chinese who came to the country many years ago for business and trade.


Usually served on a sizzling hot stone plate, sizzling sisig is a favorite dish among Filipinos.

The ingredients are usually chopped up parts of a pigs’ face but many Filipinos also have other versions of sisig where the main ingredients are tuna or chicken.

Sisig is usually served with a raw egg which will be mixed while the plate is still hot.

In Pampanga in Luzon, they include the pork’s head and liver into the sizzling dish.

Many Filipinos like their sisig with many seasoning of chili peppers, sautéed onions, and calamansi (including a bottle of beer!)


In almost every occasion in the Philippines, one dish will be never absent, and that is Lechon or roasted pig.

It is considered the star of the table, especially during fiesta or Christmas.

Many Filipinos love lechon for its thick and crispy skin.

The fully-roasted dish is very tasty and when there is still meat left after the occasion, Filipinos will make Lechon Paksiw which tastes like adobo but also delicious and tasty.

Cebu is considered the home of the best Lechon in the Philippines.

What’s your favorite Filipino dish? Let us know in the comments section of this video!



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