The weather affects your mood, and there are scientific reasons behind this

By: Dianne Zarina G. Savillo June 30,2020 - 05:21 PM

According to research, some people tend to feel sad and lonely during the rainy season. | CDN Digital Stock Photo

The rainy season is here and as the rain drops from the sky, ever noticed that your mood sometimes drops, too?

If ever you feel sad during a downpour, know that it’s not just because of your imagination.

Believe it or not, it’s actually normal for some people to have mood swings on certain seasons and this phenomenon has a scientific basis and is backed up by researchers.

1.) Sunny days make you feel less depressed.

The results of various scientific studies show that sunlight can help boost positive moods. | CDN Digital stock photo

According to research, higher temperatures and more exposure to sunlight increases your mood and fights off depression. The warm temperature speeds up the molecules in your body, making it easier for you to move, and think. Since the high temperature increases our energy, it results in some people becoming hyper and to be more open to romantic ideas.

2.) Sunlight makes you spend more money.

Research shows that people tend to spend a bit more carelessly during sunny days. | CDN Digital stock photo

No wonder there’s a lot of sales during summer.

Research shows that we are more likely to spend money when it’s sunny since the weather makes us feel more positive, upbeat, and less stressed about our lives (including our financial lives).

3.) Cold temperature can make us feel lethargic.

Lack of sunlight prompts the body to produce melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. | CDN Digital stock photo

When we’re cold, our body reduces our dexterity, muscle strength, sensory feedback, blood flow, and balance, and can impact our performance to physical tasks.

To combat the feeling of not wanting to move, make it a habit to do stretching or exercise in the morning to add warmth, and stimulate blood flow.

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4.) Rainy days make you eat more

People tend to consume more calories during the colder months and choose meals higher in carbohydrates and fat. | CDN Digital stock photo

The cold and rainy season makes it much easier for us to overeat as rainy days can cause serotonin levels to dip. As serotonin decreases, our carbohydrate cravings increase. That is why depressed individuals feel better when they stress eat because the carbs spark an immediate serotonin increase.

5.) Rain can make you feel pain

Many physicians have observed that more people feel joint pains on rainy days. | CDN Digital stock photo

When it rains, the atmospheric pressure decreases. As soon as your body detects this change, it makes your soft tissues swell up. As a result, fluid in the joints expands. The expansion and contraction that takes place around the joints can irritate your nerves and can cause pain. /bmjo

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