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Quickwork provides service options online for stay-at-home clients

Millions of Filipinos, especially Cebuano’s, are affected by the stay-at-home orders imposed by the government in the wake of COVID-19. This pandemic will forever change the way we do things, including its long-term impact on e-Commerce, as it created new challenges in online selling and service providing no one has anticipated since March 2020.

Out of these new challenges come new opportunities for business owners and consumers alike with the development of a new platform for smartphone users in a mobile app called is a new player in the online services sector through its mobile app that caters to the growing need for a reliable service that connects an increasingly web-connected local consumer base and the informal services industry in Cebu. Owned by Cebuana Angie Rose Nyseth, QuickWork provides a plethora of service options through their app for customers, especially those stuck on home quarantine.

Angie Rose Nyseth, Owner of Quickwork shares her inspiring story on how her passion to serve drive her towards creating Quikwork | Contributed photo.

How to use

Cebuano’s, who are looking for a wide variety of important and essential services (like plumbing, water delivery, Laundry services, construction, accounting services, legal services and more) can search it in one app. Everything is streamlined and categorized so you only have to sort out what service suits your needs.

“Customers will no longer have to go outside or ask someone when they can simply search the service they want. It is convenient for them, especially those who have a hard time going out to do these things,” Ms. Nyseth explained.

For service providers, this will give them a boost in customer growth given the stifling business conditions brought by the pandemic. Moreover, it will also help the local economy as it will definitely generate economic activity in the small and medium business segments.

“We are not (only) online helping Cebuano’s find the service options they need, but also the business who struggled to look for customers in the new normal,” Ms. Nyseth added.

Around 15 different kind of services options are now listed in their app and around 80 Companies joined as service providers. is available for download on Android and iOS app store. Services are initially limited within Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu Lapu City and Talisay City for now but has plans to expand across Philippines in 2021.

Passion to serve

According to Ms. Nyseth, the initial plans for creating the app began in 2019. Since she did not have the initial capital to start with, she pitched her idea to different investors who were willing to help jumpstart her plan.

Currently in Norway, she works remotely with her team members including developers, marketing, and accounting staff.

QuickWork also aims to tap the expatriate market (especially long-term foreign residents) in Cebu because they are the ones who usually struggle with searching and booking for such services.

“Usually man gud ang mga foreigners wala kaayo silay kaila, and especially quarantine na, this also prompted me to push for the launching of the app,” she said. “Karon man gyud na panahona, magtinabangay ta kay nag lisod tang tanan,” she added. (In this time of crisis, we need to help each other get through these hardships.)

Ms. Nyseth shares her fond memories with CDN Digital and how her humble beginnings and her challenging life experiences gave her the innate passion to serve.

“When I started QuickWork, I met a lot of business owners in Cebu and pitch my app idea, and they think that My Mobile app idea can really help not only business providers but also Cebuano’s service seekers,” Ms. Nyseth added.

With the launching of QuickWork, Ms. Nyseth and her team hope to help Cebuano’s, especially the foreign community, those who are new in Cebu and those who struggle to find the right Companies to provide services, by giving them the platform they need in these trying times.

She said that its Free to Sign up and be part of QuickWork. She wants to prove first that the app will work and help both companies and people needing services before she starts monetizing the app.

If your business belongs to the ff services, you may register to be a partner provider with Quickwork. Please download the Quickwork Provider app or fill up their form at

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