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Faces of Cebu: Ricky Basilisco, 39, pungko-pungko vendor

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Pungko-pungko is a staple for workers and students who wish to get their stomachs full without getting their wallets empty.

But aside from feeding a thrift man’s hungry stomach, the pungko-pungko stall of Ricky Basilisco is also his way of putting food on the table for his own family.

Basilisco, 39, a resident of Jakosalem Street in Cebu City, said risking to set his mobile stall on the street is all he could do to make ends meet amid the difficulties brought about by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

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“Lisod kayong panahon karon kung di ka mangita og diskarte. Basta Diniyos lang nga trabaho, di ra man pod ka pasagdan sa Ginoo. Naa ra man gyuy grasya nga moduol,” Basilisco said as CDN Digital chanced upon him outside of the new Cebu North Bus Terminal.

(Life is so difficult nowadays if you don’t look for ways to get you by. As long as you are diligently working, God will not leave you behind. Blessings would continue to come.)

Basilisco said his family has been severely affected by the lockdown measures due to the health crisis. Since the imposition of the lockdown, he has only returned to selling pungko-pungko for a week now.

Though afraid that he would be apprehended by city government personnel for selling on the sidewalk, Basilisco said he is left with no choice as he needs to earn a decent amount so his family would also survive.

Even though he could only bring home around P300 to P400 a day from selling assorted fried treats from his pungko-pungko cart, Basilisco said this is enough to provide for the basic needs of his family.


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