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YES! I am single and I am not..

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Many people have many misconceptions about those who chose to stay single…it’s as if a hermit existence is such a despicable thing.

Some even think that being single can lead someone to do crazy things just to grab as much attention.

But hold up!

A lot of single people out there are living their best lives being…. single.

They may be single but they sure are not…

Desperate for a relationship— a lot of single people are just happy being alone for the time being. And they don’t really need anyone at the moment so let them be.

Relationship wrecker— not everyone wants your partner, period! Single people may be alone, but most of them stay that way because they want a drama-free life. So wrecking a relationship is not in the description box for single people.

Lonely— not being in a relationship does not mean one is lonely. To be alone could be the best thing you can do for yourself when you want to explore life until you are ready to have that plus one.

High with their standards— people have mistaken single people as those with high standards when it comes to being in a relationship or when it comes to choosing a partner. Wrong! Not all singles out there have built their walls that high, some are just taking it slowly to enjoy the other things in life before settling down.

Always busy— not all singles have the luxury of time and this applies to everyone trying their best to become better versions of themselves. Some manage their time just fine yet still don’t get to go home with a partner.

So to all the single individuals out there, don’t feel bad that you still belong to the singles crowd. Instead, be happy because you are able to live your life freely. Be happy because before you get the chance to know someone else, you are given the time to know yourself more.


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