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FACES OF CEBU: Arrianne Mae Amorin, 22, online seller

Arrianne Mae Amorin. | contributed photo

Mandaue City, Cebu—The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has taught us a lot of things: to take care of our health, spend quality time with our loved ones, thank God always, and save money.

Arrianne Mae Amorin, who is from Olango Island in Lapu-Lapu City, learned these things in the past months as she continues to perform her duties of being the breadwinner in the family. 

Being a breadwinner was not easy for this 22-year-old lass.

Just before graduating, Arrianne had to look for a job to sustain her needs. She was glad to have been accepted as a junior high school teacher in one of the private schools in Lapu-Lapu City before her graduation. She spent one school year teaching but decided to shift career for growth and development. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic happened just before she left her job as a private school teacher. This made her realize how important it is to save money.

Having to support her family’s needs as well as hers, she was not able to save enough for the future. She did not know what to do as she left her job while the pandemic wreaked havoc around the world. It caught her off-guard.

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She knew she had to do something about it.

So one time while browsing through her Facebook account, she chanced upon an interesting post that would later help her start something new. The post led her to try online selling.

This wasn’t easy for her as she was new to this kind of venture. However, she quickly learned how to adapt to the changes that came upon her and used this opportunity to get out of her comfort zone. 

In the first few months, she had encountered various difficulties and discouragements. However, these did not stop her from pursuing what she had started.

She put all her focus and efforts on how to learn strategies and techniques in doing online selling.

After applying everything she had learned, Arrianne finally received her first few sales.  She used the profit to buy products online and sell them on her Facebook account, Facebook marketplace, and other groups and pages. The money she earned from online selling helped her buy everyday necessities.

Due to the effects the pandemic, she realized how important it is to save. This is the reason why she sees to it to save even a little of what she has earned from selling online. 

Arrianne believes the reason behind the boom of online selling is because some people are hesitant to go to the malls to prevent the risk of getting infected by the virus.

Asked what are the things she had learned from the pandemic, Arianne smilingly said, “We will never know what the future holds so we must always be prepared. Filipinos should learn how to be financially literate as this will really help everyone. Furthermore, we must never stop achieving our little dreams just because the situation is not on your favor.” 


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