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Simple messages you can send to that person you are getting to know for now

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Are you having fun with someone you just met?

The kind of fun that gives you butterflies and gets you excited when your phone lights up?

Well, take it slow and start with these lines as you get to know someone:

“Do you like this song or movie”— know them through the music or movies they like. With the number of movies and music available, you two will have a full day or night knowing each other’s genre in music or in movies.

“Have you seen this post”— everything helps online! Make use of the internet and exchange memes or news items or something that has entertained you and share it with them.

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“Are you free this weekend”— don’t really rely on the new tools we have, like the phone, the internet too much, try asking this person to meet up with you sometimes until you find it easy to invite each other from time to time.

“How’s your day”— after a day of work or school, break the ice and ask the person how their day went and see if he or she opens up on how her or his day really went.

“Did you eat already”— this is the sweetest yet shortest way to show someone you truly care for this person even with the short amount of time you have spent with each other.

Because if your aim is to date this person, try and get to know him or her with these simple yet engaging lines. /dbs

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