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How to get to know a person deeper #CDNDValentines2021

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Getting to know someone but still want to know that person a little bit more?


For starters, there are lots of ways you can get to know someone by the simple things this person does or say.

Ready? Get that pen and paper and let’s get this ball rolling.

How they act alone with you and with their friends— usually, familiar faces will let this person let go of what he or she is holding back when you guys are alone. It shows how he is with people and how he adjusts to becoming your person.

Taste in music— yes, the music tells a lot about a person. So if you want to know someone deeper, listen closely to their music choices and ask why they prefer those.

How they act in public and with strangers— a person will show you the best side of him or her when you are still in the getting-to-know stage. Observe if he says thanks to the waiters, guards or if he or she treats everyone politely and with respect.

How they are when they are drunk— they say once a person is drunk they get really honest and say what they want to say, observe and tell yourself if that’s a good kind of drunk.

What makes them happy and angry— the little things matter. What makes them smile and frown tells a lot about a person.

‘Tis the season for love and hearts isn’t it?

Make sure that your date for the 14th is someone who you really want to be with and not just someone who gets your mind off things for a day. /rcg

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