Go all-out this Valentine’s Day: Make-up looks to try for your ‘new normal’ date

By: - February 12, 2021

Before anything else, let us remember that just because we now function under the new normal and latest health guidelines, it doesn’t mean we can’t look our absolute best when going outside.

Yes, even with majority of our face covered with a mask and face shield!

And now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we surely can’t miss to play with some makeup to help us with our virtual dates or romantic plans with our significant other.

Local make up artists share their tips and recommendations for a lasting fresh and lively look in the new normal for this Valentine’s Day.

But if you’re single and not really planning to be in a relationship with anyone real soon, you can still play with some of these looks because February celebrates all kinds of love, including self-love!

So don’t forget to go all-out this 14th with these new normal looks.

1. Glow up while keeping it all-natural

You think going natural makes you just plain boring but the truth is, sometimes, simplicity is everything and less is more!

Don’t you just love a natural make up look that effortlessly bring out all your best assets? This is the secret of beauty queen and self-taught makeup artist Aiko Kitane.

First things first, Aiko makes sure to gather all the products she needs before she does her look, products that would suit and adjust to our daily wearing of face masks and face shields.

There are many ways to make a minimal makeup look extra special and here is Aiko’s steps to achieve that glow up look!

Aiko Kitane’s take on an All-Natural Makeup look. | Contributed Photos


  1. Always apply sunscreen before the base of your makeup to protect your skin against the sun and the makeup products.
  2. When masks cause you to break out, try to spot conceal instead of applying foundation, then allow the concealer to sit for a while before blending to add coverage.
  3. The areas that you usually need to spot conceal are areas of your face that have pimples, acne scars, redness, veins, and the under eyes.
  4. Put extra effort and creativity on your eyes and brows considering those are the only areas seen when wearing a mask and a shield.
  5. Try making your brows bushy and well-shaped using brow soap and an eyebrow pomade.
  6. Play with some glitters or highlighters to add some glow and give definition to your eyes with extra sparkle on your lids, white pencil liner on your waterline, and highlighter on your tear duct to make your eyes look lively.
  7. Work on your eyeliner and mascara, the thicker, the better!
  8. Avoid using powder, cream and clay blushes. Try using a liquid blush that sets like a serum on the skin as it is more transfer proof.
  9. No need to contour. You may highlight the areas that you need to shape using any loose powder, such as below your cheekbones, sides of your nose and your T-zone. Then leave it for five minutes or more so it leaves a white cast and it will give you an illusion of a smaller or contoured face.
  10. Avoid glosses and bullet lipsticks for now. You may opt to use tints and matte liquid lipsticks that are transfer proof to avoid dirt on your masks.

Aiko’s natural makeup look can surely help you get that instant glow to your new normal dates. Face-to-face or over a video call, this look can make your special someone fall in love with you all over again!

This pandemic has been very sad for makeup enthusiasts like me who always look forward to makeup every single day, because makeup is actually more than making you feel beautiful —  it is a hobby that is very therapeutic especially for people who are always anxious and just want to play with their creative minds, so whenever I am stressed out, when I feel like I need a break, I always reach for makeup because it makes me calm,“ Aiko shares.

2. Foxy eye with a little bit more spice

We all love a look that’s not too complicated to make but enhances our facial features and give us that natural look in one. Sound tricky right? But it is possible with the right kind of products and techniques.

For Makeup Artist and Certified Public Accountant Jasper Amorin, there’s not one, but two ways to pull-off a look that is both minimal yet glitzy.

Here is Jasper’s take on a daily foxy eye makeup and a bolder foxy eye with added color to add spice to your Valentine’s date look be it virtual or face to face.

Snake Princess, Jasper Amorin and Kim Arda (from left to right). Snake Princes and Kim are slaying in this look done by Jasper. | Contributed Photos


Jasper suggests that since we are now using masks and face shields on a daily basis, which gathers moist from breathing, it is better to switch from dewy and gloss to long-wear and matte.

  1. After your skin care routine, never forget to use primers. It blurs, smoothens, and creates a long lasting base for your look.
  2. Full coverage foundation and concealers are heavier but mostly lasts longer. Stick to your coverage preference but always seal liquid products with powder — loose or pressed.
  3. Instead of using a cream blush or gel blush on the cheeks, choose a powder blush. This goes the same for your eyebrows, try using a power or pencil brow product.
  4. To make your eyes pop, for daily look to glam and more daring look, always use waterproof liner on your upper lash line and draw it as close to the lashes as you can so it will look seamless. Use waterproof liners for this to avoid transferring of pigments to your lower lash line.
  5. On the lips, avoid gloss for now and move to super staying matte lipstick.

This look will instantly make your eyes look lifted even with the face shield and eye mask and with the little bit of colors such as pink, your date will surely be attracted and pay attention to your eyes.

“Make-up is an art. Your face is your canvass. Whatever that is that you feel and know is right and comfortable on your daily work, affairs and events, then do it,“ Jasper shares.

3. Make it both cute and creative

This is not a drill, you can definitely mix creativity and cuteness in your looks any day! Because, why not?

This 19-year-old makeup enthusiast and content creator can surely inspire you to try crazy looks that you can think of and makes those ideas come to life!

Hueben Kang’s makeup skills are out of this world, he puts together different looks into one and makes it look easy. But no, it’s definitely not that easy like his viral Philippine Festival’s series.

But for the month of hearts, Hueben is giving us this adorable and creative look that we can all copy to step up our makeup game in the new normal whether we are on a date or not.

Hueben Kang’s new normal makeup look with an extra touch of creativity on the eyes. | Contributed Photos


  1. Focused on skin preparation to secure that the base makeup is mask-proof.
  2. Use a good primer to make sure that your skin is prepared for any makeup on top of it.
  3. Add a decent amount of foundation that is lightweight to even out your skin tone then follow it with some spot conceal.
  4. To secure everything in place, lightly add some Translucent powder.
  5. Make sure that you don’t look pale, by adding some blush and bronzer.
  6. For the eye look, be inspired by Kylie Jenner’s ever iconic, pop of color in the inner corner of the eyes. Using the hot pink shades from your palette.
  7. Add them on the inner corner of your eyes to have a little flash of color.
  8. Make sure that your makeup lasts all throughout the day and use some setting spray by lightly spraying it all over your face.

With all the makeup trends we’ve seen from bright lipsticks to colorful eye liners, and bushy brows, what else can’t we achieve with our levelled-up makeup skills and slaying techniques. Put those talents to work and stay cute yet crazy creative for your new normal dates or events!

“Being able to share my passion to everybody and knowing that I inspire other people wherever my creativity takes me is already enough growth for me,” Hueben shares.

In the new normal, it is now somehow all about thin, thoughtful layers of skincare and makeup so there’s less maintenance throughout the day as we wear our face masks and face shields.

Just remember to play up the drama of your eyes, let your eyes do the talking for you. Also give bold lips the backseat for now and find a good makeup fixer that can help your makeup last long.

Play with these tips and enjoy your Valentine’s date makeup lovers!


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